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Joy Shantz

Joy is a wife, mom, friend and neighbor who lives in the City of Lansing and loves it! She gets excited about the outdoors, cold brew coffee, international cuisine and meeting new people. You can follow her Lansing area adventures at her personal blog @hometownfound on Instagram.

Shop Local for Used Books in Lansing

Cooler weather is here, and with that comes the draw of spending the evening snuggled up in a blanket with a good book. Stocking up on enough great reads to get you through the...

Manitou Islands| Lansing Mom’s Guide To Michigan Vacation Destinations

Much to my surprise, I married a camper. Not just a camper, but a backpacker. And so I found myself, four months into marriage, backpacking across South Manitou Island, one of the two Manitou...

Celebrate Galentine’s Day from Afar This Year

If you have never celebrated Galentine’s Day, you’re missing out. It may be a fictional holiday, but it’s one you will want to add to your spring calendar, for real—and for good! Celebrated on...

Capture Your Year, One Second at a Time

I was hesitant to make big resolutions for 2021. The many challenging events of this last year were fresh on my mind and I had less than two months to go in my pregnancy....

Use Your Five Senses to Enjoy the Winter Season

I grew up in the tropics, where the weather never got below 65 degrees, ever. Fast forward to now, and I am raising my family in cold, snowy Michigan. I’ve been in the state...
toddler baking

Holiday Baking with a Toddler

I decided to recreate one of my top holiday recipes from last year—but this time, to try baking with my toddler by my side and to capture the process on video! The video shared...

Making Music as a Family

I grew up making music. My mom insisted on piano lessons as soon as I could read. I sang in church and all through school. In middle school, I decided the flute was not...
Joy family photo

Introducing Joy Shantz…a Lansing Mom

Hello new friends, I’m Joy, a Lansing Mom! I live on the south side of the city of Lansing, and I absolutely love it. My neighborhood is full of old houses, pretty trees, and friendly...
trees along Lake Lansing trail

4 Hikes to Take in Lansing this Fall

I am not the most athletic person. A childhood eye problem left me with poor hand-eye  coordination, and, truthfully, I’m afraid of most sports-related activities. That is why hiking is the perfect exercise activity...