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Friday is finally here and after working all week, while still keeping those tiny humans alive, you just want to relax. Then Saturday morning rolls around and Saturday, Saturday is for date night! You have already found a sitter, made dinner reservations and even planned to put on mascara. (I am confident you understand the magnitude of that.) But then things change and you find yourself staying in. Don’t worry you you can still have an amazing date night in that is more than just a movie on the couch!

If you and your significant other are like my husband and I, we fall into our fun, but expected, date night ideas. Most of them include leaving the house and when we do plan an evening at home, we end up watching a movie where inevitably one of us will fall asleep. Spoiler alert, it’s usually the one who picked the movie. So I started looking for new and fun at home date night ideas. The options out there are endless from new age board games to catching a serial killer. Our most recent night in happened to be brought to us by Muse to Go, and I cannot recommend it enough.

What is Muse to Go?

Included contents of our painting kit
Everything you need to start painting mailed right to your door!

Have you heard of the instructional painting classes, most popularly, Painting with a Twist? Well imagine all the perks of step by step directions and supplies, but brought right to your home. From girls night, to family options, and of course date night, Muse offers a variety of pictures with ranges of experience levels.

It’s simple and easy. You select your picture from their variety of choices and Muse will send you all the supplies. A variety of paint brushes, canvas, paint, and paper plates to mix your colors. Along with the supplies you will receive an e-mail with an instructional video teaching you step by step, how to recreate the picture.

How Did it Go?

Our finished product
Our finished record player paintings. Can you guess whose is whose?

Our kit came with six colors. You will be mixing shades to create all the colors you see here! Often we were adding black or white, however some of the colors were more complex. For someone with little art experience this may be more challenging. Of course, you don’t have to replicate the exact same colors as the original painting, it’s meant for fun!

Along with your kit you will receive an instructional video. It was great to have the video accessible with no time limitations. We often paused in order to finish painting a section or get our colors mixed just right. The instructor was detailed and made it easy to follow along and in the end I think they turned out pretty well!

Pointers and Tips

Some items to have readily available include paper towel, a disposable cup with water to clean your paint brushes and a large glass of wine (trust me). Make sure to prep your work station also before starting. Lay down some newspaper or a garbage bag since it did get a tad messy. Have your video easy to view by everyone and the ability to pause it with ease. Although our video was only an hour, it took about two times as long to complete our pictures. Those with less experience may need, or just want, some extra time.

Muse to Go ended up being a challenging but really fun date night idea. We laughed at ourselves (mostly my husband), and really enjoyed the experience which we would give a strong 9/10. The value gets a 7/10, as the cost was $70. Overall we would both absolutely spend another date night in, painting with Muse.

Painting not your thing? Check out other awesome date night options here! This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Muse To Go, the opinions are solely those of the writer alone. 

Kristin Jorgensen
Hi! My name is Kristin! I was born in Flint, MI, and we moved to the Lansing area shortly before my first birthday. I graduated from Grand Ledge High School, then went on to receive a business and art degree from Alma College. I enjoy golfing, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. I am married to my best friend Michael and we have an energetic and adventurous dog named Mali who just turned 7. Our son Otto was born on November 1, 2019. At 10 months old he loves climbing on everything and finding all of the things mom and dad have yet to baby-proof! He is cutting teeth like a champ and has a smile on his face every morning! I never saw myself as a mom. My 29th birthday consisted of massive breakdowns and contemplating where my life was going. I realized, for me, I wanted family, I wanted support and most of all I wanted to have a positive contribution to the world. I was eager to add to the next generation who would be accepting, kind and brilliant future leaders.


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