What to Expect When You Become A Football Parent

Football season is well underway. Football parents are washing uniforms, lacing up shoes, ensuring flags are placed properly, filling the water bottles, and cheering as loud as they can when they finally hit the sidelines. We know supporting our kids through a sporting season can be tough, especially if our kids have big dreams for their football careers, which is why we’re here to share a few tips for success and what to expect from being a football parent.

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Deonte Braxton, East Lansing High School’s Jr. Varsity Football Coach, and he shared some wonderful insight with us for what our kids need as they hit the field this season, and beyond.

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Our team of Moms came up with some tough questions for Deonte but he delivered time and time again with resources and advice on what to expect from being a football parent and player

Football and the Sense of Community

Community. Most of us have searched for it at some point in our lives or another. Our children build their own communities naturally through school, organizations, neighborhoods, and football can give the same opportunity. Deonte shared with us how he built his own community and friendships through football and how it’s something he continues to see with the athletes he coaches now. As parents this is the best feeling when our kids feel like they have somewhere to belong, and we know they will receive this from playing football.

Life Lessons From Football

When we asked Deonte to share a few of the things football has taught him he listed words like, teamwork, leadership, discipline, adversity, resiliency. Whatever we put our kids into we want them to come out with the skills to further their lives. Hearing these words from Deonte reminded us that football truly is giving our kids skills they will be able to use for a lifetime, on and off the field.

Recommendations and Advice for Kids who want to Play in College

We know so many children who want to play a sport in college, football usually being the star of the show. They see their parents rooting on their college teams, they get excited as they talk about players, and games, they make college their dream. We asked Deonte what advice he would share for kids who want to play in college, and while the advice he gave is difficult, it’s also doable. Football is a game about working hard, and that was his main advice. Just keep working hard at it, keep showing up, and have some support to get you through!

Advice for Parents of Kids Playing Football

Want a little bit more advice? Check out our interview with Deonte to hear his sweet advice at the end of our interview for parents of kids playing football.

Interested in having your child play football? Head to our partners over at Future For Football to find a place to play! Already a Football Mom and want some great tips for the sidelines? Head to, What Football Moms Need to Know for A Successful Season. 


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