Toys For Raising Culturally and Racially Aware Children

Exposing children to different races and cultures is an extremely important part of raising children who value and respect all people. Toys are great way to do that! If you begin to expose your children to different races and cultures early enough, it will soon become a part of their daily rhetoric. Below, you will find a list of toys for raising culturally and racially aware children. You can surely incorporate these into everyday play.   

Lansing Mom is here to share our tried and true favorites. This post does contain affiliate links that help support our small business but every product is something we love! 

Dolls and Figures

Basket of Babies | Six super soft baby dolls of different races and cultures, all in an easy to carry basket.

Healthy Roots Doll | This is beyond the average doll. Healthy Roots strives for authenticity in each of the dolls they create, from hair to facial features. This doll is a beautiful and educational addition to your toys.

Wooden Community Helpers | These figures are a great addition to any wooden town set you might already have. They offer different races and cultures, in varying occupations, to make up a community.

Doll Family | This set can be mixed and matched for any combination you like and comes with four different ethnicities.

Harper Iman Handmade Dolls | Harper Iman offers a variety of different beautiful handmade dolls and offers both male and female genders.

The Lola Doll | The Lola Doll is a Mexican-American doll that includes a story with purchase that is great for conversation starting.

WonderCrew Superhero Buddies | These Superheroes come in a variety of different races, perfect for your little superhero.

Barbie | Barbie can be a great and affordable option for your kids. The official Barbie site says they offer over 176 dolls, 9 body types, 35 skin tones, and 94 hairstyles.

Puzzles and Games

I Never Forget a Face Memory Game 

Children of the World Memory Game 

Subscription Boxes

Jambo Book Club | Jambo Book Club will send you two books per month featuring a child of color.

Global Kids Box | These boxes will introduce your kids to countries all around the world. Boxes include guides, crafts, activities, and more.

Little Passports | Little Passports offers a variety of options to choose from to help your children learn about the world.

Food Related





Multicultural Food Set | This set offers a variety of different foods from around the world.

Melissa and Doug | Melissa and Doug have a variety of multicultural food options.






Crayola Multicultural Marker

Multicultural Construction Paper

Crayola Multicultural Crayons

Multicultural Washable Paint

The Big Book of Faces Coloring Book

People Colors Crayon Pack

We hope you were able to find something that is right for you in raising culturally and racially aware children. Want more resources? Check out Ten Books to Talk to Your Kids and Teens About Race


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