Top Spots to Take Photos at Walt Disney World


We recently took an adults-only trip to Walt Disney World. Being kid-free allowed us to scope out the best spots to grab a photo with your family! Now, when you head there, you can skip the searching and use our list to head straight for the fun. If you’re looking for the best spots to capture those magical moments in photos at Walt Disney World, we’ve got you covered!

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle

Nothing is more iconic than Cinderella’s Castle for photos at Walt Disney World, and there are so many ways to snap it!

    1. Main Street is the most obvious shot for the best picture of the castle. While you’ll see people all over taking photos, our best advice is to wait in line for the photographer! While the photographers are official cast members, they will snap a picture with your phone as well, if you ask them to. The line will move quick and the memory of the shot will be worth it for a perfect view of the castle. 
    2. If you’ve found your way over to the purple wall, located outside Tomorrowland, take a peek behind you. Perch up on those rocks and get a great shot of you and the castle.
    3. If you’re up for a sky view of the castle, head up into the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. You’ll have a great view from up there and we’re sure someone climbing with you will snap a pic for you!

Mickey Mouse Balloon Picture

You may have seen these balloon photos floating around Instagram, and you can have one too! All you have to do is ask. Find a cast member selling balloons and you can get two variations:

  1. If you want a photo of all the balloons behind you, just ask the cast member to pull them down so you can snag a picture. This one would be much better for small guests as they don’t have to hold onto anything, just stand there looking cute!
  2. The second option is to ask to hold the balloons. You can’t actually hold them yourself, but the cast member will stand far enough away to give the illusion that you are. Just be sure your photographer keeps them out of the shot! Bonus: if you’re on Main Street, you’ll get a great shot of the castle in the back!

Purple Wall

The infamous purple wall. It really does make EVERYONE look good! The wall can be found as you head into Tomorrowland from the Tomorrowland Terrace ramp. Take a sharp right and you’ll spot the purple wall. We recommend grabbing a Mickey Bar and heading over for a cute photo op with your kiddos. You can capture the excitement of their first Mickey Bar in one of the most sought-after photos at Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life

Obviously this photo is a must, but did you know you can walk all around the tree and see it from multiple angles?! Skip the traditional pic at the front of the park and wind your way around. Don’t forget, cast members are happy to take your photo for you.

Lion King Mural

This mural will definitely make you feel like you are in the Animal Kingdom. It’s located just before the entrance to Pandora– The World of Avatar from the main entrance. You can grab a photo that feels like an African Sunset. Hakuna Matata shirts encouraged! 

Pandora– The World of Avatar

Animal Kingdom’s newest world is one of our favorite spots to snag a photo at Walt Disney World. Pandora will truly have you not knowing where to look! 

  1. If you’re a true Avatar fan, be sure to catch a drum show and then grab your own photo as you bang the drums. 
  2. If you’re just along for the ride, grab a Boba Ball drink from Pongu Pongu and snap a pic in front of the floating islands. 

Hollywood Studios

Popsicle Wall

Ready to feel like a toy? Then you’re definitely going to want to head to Toy Story Land. Everything is larger than life so that you feel like a toy in this magical part of the park! As you exit Toy Story Mania you’ll see the beautifully lined-up popsicle sticks. Grab a quick photo and marvel at your newfound miniature size.

Hug Chewie

If you leave Hollywood Studios without hugging a Wookiee, you’re doing it wrong! But, in all seriousness this was one of our favorite encounters. He’s as lovable as you dream he’s going to be and more than happy to hug it out! You can meet him at the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Get an Old School Hollywood Photo

Did you know Hollywood Studios was originally intended to function as both a production studio and a park?! So it would be just wrong to leave without grabbing a Hollywood type shot. There are plenty of opportunities to embrace film all around the park, but we particularly like the old school vibe right at the front. You can snag a photo at Walt Disney World at this cool spot and head right onto fun!


Bubble Gum Wall

Just like the purple wall, you won’t want to miss a cute photo opportunity at the Bubble Gum Wall. As you exit Spaceship Earth, take a look around, you can’t miss it!

Find a Character

As you enter the World Showcase you will find the cutest characters painted all around but if you’re not looking you could very easily miss them! These guys most likely aren’t here to stay, so check our list below and get a glimpse while you can.

 1. Dante (Coco) in Mexico

2. Snowgies (Frozen) in Norway

3. Peter Pan’s Shadow and Robin Hood (Peter Pan) in the UK

4. Koda (Brother Bear) in Canada

5. Amos (Ben and Me) in America

6. Mushu (Mulan) in China

7. Pascal (Tangled) in Germany

8. Jimmy Cricket (Pinnochio) in Italy

9. Marie, Toulouse, and Belioz (The Aristocats); Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast); and Remy and Emile (Ratatouille) in France

10. Abu (Aladdin) in Morocco

So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and have a magical time! If you snap a photo at Walt Disney World in any of our favorites spots be sure to tag us!


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