Top Five Summer Photo Spots In and Around Lansing

Summer has kicked off and it is the perfect time to get those family photos done! We’ve rounded up five spots that would be amazing for your summer photo shoot to capture those priceless memories. Read on for our top five summer photo spots in and around Lansing.

As always thank you for trusting us to bring you awesome spots and to our partners, Lauren Wood Photography, Hello Sweetheart Photography, Michelle Lippert Photography and The Jonesy Company, for making it possible! 

Old Town

Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer Photography

There are so many amazing spots to take photos in the Lansing area and Old Town is a true gem. Grab shots by the river or use the scenery of the beautiful buildings for a more city feel. If you’re not into walking through woods and trails, and want to avoid mosquitoes, then this is the spot for you. The world is truly your oyster in Old Town to capture a variety of backgrounds and shots for the perfect summer photos.

Lake Lansing Trails

Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer Photography

If you are looking for the perfect woodsy shot then consider heading to the trails at Lake Lansing. The trails will offer a variety of backgrounds to choose from, all with that perfect outdoor feeling. There is a fee to enter so be sure to bring some cash before heading to the trails and don’t forget your bug spray!

MSU 4-H Children’s Garden

Flowers will be in full bloom so now is the best time to head to the gardens to smell the roses. This spot is perfect because your littles will have no shortage of entertainment while your photographer grabs the perfect shot. If you are into lifestyle photos then this one is for you!

Muskegon Beach

This is a little bit of a drive but it will be so worth it! It would be the perfect spot for sunset photos. This beach doesn’t tend to be as crowded as some of our other Michigan beaches, and the walk out to the lighthouse is beautiful. It would be amazing for a lifestyle session of sand and fun.

Fair and Festival Shoot

For those of you who are adventurous and looking for a fun family session this is it! I personally would love to shoot a family at a fair! Rides, cotton candy, games, what says, “it’s summer!” more than this? Head to this post to see the top five fairs and festivals happening this summer to find one and then head to our Guide to Photographers to find the perfect photographer to shoot it!

 Stay tuned for our fall guide coming as the weather turns! 


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