Tips to Make Back To School Easier

Do you and your family struggle with transitions? The endless meltdowns with every change? The back-to-school season is upon us. Whether your kiddos are going back in person, virtual, or homeschool… the change is tough, so I’m here with tips to make back to school easier.

Transitions are hard for families. Especially with everything going on around the world. Our kiddos are little sponges and soak it all in. Today I have some fun tips to make the transitions back to school easier for both mama and kiddos. Sometimes all the changes and new routines can be hard on our families, so I’ve got a few ways to help you.

Attend Back To School Meetings and Read Newsletters

This allows for the child to do a trial run-walking to their classroom, locate their locker, desk and meet the teacher. When we attended ours, our son asked questions after questions and bless his teacher and her patience as she answered each and everyone one of them. He woke up on back to the school day with little jitters.

If your school isn’t having a back to school night because of everything going on in the world, consider doing a trial run of going up to the school, showing them where you’ll drop them off and pick them up, or just talk about it!

Prep the Night Before

We want to be able to grab things and go. It is much easier rather than running around each morning to find the missing shoe or folder. In addition, prep snacks, lunches, and lay-out clothes for the day. I make sure backpacks are by the door. This allows for easy grab and goes in the morning. Whatever you think you might need for the next day, have it ready to go! 

Print A Schedule

I’m not sure about your kiddos, but my kiddos love visuals. Even at back-to-school night our son immediately found the daily schedule and pointed out how he loved to see what and when they would do something. Having a schedule can set kids up for success. For little ones who can’t read yet consider talking about what’s going to happen, the night before. 

Calming After School

The after-school aggression is a real thing! We prepare by having a healthy afterschool snack prepped and read. In addition, a calm atmosphere around the house. This helps kiddos reset from their day and have a better understanding of how they are feeling.

Back to school is such an exciting time. It also brings many emotions and feelings for both mamas and their kiddos. Having things prepped in advance really helps alleviate the stress and allows for more time to be present with your kiddos. Our back-to-school week is going well and I am really enjoying the time eating breakfast with my kiddos imagining their day ahead rather than stressing about finding the lost shoe. I hope this helps your back to school run a little bit smoother too!

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