The Perfect Spot to Host Your Next Celebration is AL!VE

From the moment we find out we are expecting many of us begin to dream about all of life’s celebrations. We begin with our baby showers, birthday parties drift into the mix, accomplishment celebrations, graduation, and more. We see it all laid out ahead of us with excitement! As seasoned Moms we know these celebrations bring so much joy and also take a lot of planning, coordination, and more. Today we are so excited to share our interview with AL!VE’s Event Manager, Ellen Dreps and GROW Supervisor, Danielle Gillentine, as they share about how AL!VE is helping us to celebrate all of life’s big moments.

Events and Celebrations with AL!VE

In our conversation with Ellen and Danielle they share a little bit about themselves and their positions at AL!VE. Sharing with us why they absolutely love helping Moms plan events and how they make it seamless and as stress free as possible! Check out AL!VE’s Event Page Offering for more information.

What you can expect from today’s interview:

  • What types of events can be held at AL!VE
  • Rooms available for rental
  • Event Capacity
  • Birthday Party Information
  • Catering
  • Baby Showers
  • Amenities

Check it all out below!


Looking for more information from Lansing Mom and AL!VE? Check out Lansing Mom’s Guide To Celebrations and Lansing Mom’s Guide to Fitness Studios.


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