The Gift of Boudoir Photography

It felt so invigorating. I felt so powerful. Mainly, I felt like MYSELF. As a mom to three children, there is a lot of touching, feeling, wanting, and needing. I was longing to feel myself, to feel beautiful again, so I booked a boudoir shoot. 

The Gift of Boudoir

So what is boudoir photography? A boudoir session is a photography session where you wear lingerie, dresses, or whatever makes you feel beautiful while you get your photographs taken. There are so many reasons women choose to have boudoir photos taken, but only YOU need to know the reason you have them done!

How to Prepare

  • Test out outfits prior to your boudoir session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to your session. 
  • Pack a bag with extra necessities such as dry shampoo, hair spray, deodorant.
  • Book your appointment after your monthly cycle.
  • Bring your favorite music. It’s such a mood lightener and adds some spice to the session.

What to Wear

  • Bra and undies.
  • Lingerie. A bodysuit, teddy, or robe.
  • Everyday clothing such as lace or sheer tops and jeans.
  • Accessories. My photographer had vintage hats with lace that covers the face. 
  • Most importantly…anything that makes you feel COMFORTABLE and beautiful.

What to Expect

When you arrive, your photographer will show you around the studio or photography set. Show them your boudoir outfits and any poses you may have in mind. Never fear…your photographer will direct you throughout the shoot and make suggestions and demonstrations for expressions, gazes, and moods to try. It may seem uncomfortable, or stiff at first. But if you’re feeling uncomfortable about how to pose, ask your photographer and they will happily show you. 

What to do with Boudoir Images

  • Write a letter to yourself: approach it as a way to look back at this point in your life as an evolving time, a time of transformation.
  • Gift it to your significant other. Try to keep it a secret and then place the photo album in their lunch box or in their vehicle to surprise them.
  • JUST BECAUSE. You are human. You are beautiful. You deserve it!

If you’re still not sure about boudoir, there are a million ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Head to our piece on Galentine’s Day to have some more fun celebrating this year! 


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