The Best Coffee to Try for National Coffee Day

Coffee is one of my love languages. I want to share my top 3 coffee drinks as this last week was National Coffee Day and the first day of October is International Coffee Day!

Before I dive into what my taste buds prefer, I researched into my love for coffee and I learned a couple fun facts. According to the National Coffee Association the discovery of the coffee bean is unknown, although there are many legends of its origin. Overall, coffee grown worldwide can be traced back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. It eventually moved east and reached the Arabian peninsula and continued its journey around the globe.

My favorite fun fact from the NCA is when coffee made it to Europe in the 17th century, many people feared it and called it “the bitter invention of Satan.” Eventually the fear became so deep that Pope Clement VIII was asked to intervene. After tasting it for himself to make a decision, he found the drink so delightful that he gave it approval!

Pumpkin and Autumn Drinks

Pumpkin Cold Brew

My first favorite coffee drink this season is from Biggby Coffee, the Pumpkin Cold Brew with Sweet Foam. I cannot drink milk in coffee, so I ask for Oat Milk and y’all, it is delicious! I am a sucker for pumpkin flavored products in fall.

For those who don’t like pumpkin, I suggest from Starbucks, the Apple Crisp Macchiato. It’s a nice refreshing drink without the taste of pumpkin!

And of course, for those who don’t like coffee, I highly suggest from Biggby Coffee, a Chumpkin. It’s a delicious mix of chai tea and pumpkin. A hot Caramel Apple Cider is also a good delicious guarantee of fall in a cup. You can check out more fall items from Biggby here!

 Brewed Coffee

Green Mountain

Another favorite of mine is a simple brew, hot or cold. Whether it’s at home or on the road, it is the most reliable cup of coffee. I sometimes get caught up in the fancy drinks and when I recently went on a road trip to Vermont, I had to have a cup of Green Mountain brewed right in its hometown. A hot cup of coffee walking with the green mountains in the distance is breathtaking.

Head here for Local Coffee Houses in Lansing You Need to Try.

Italy’s Finest

Italy Coffee

There are two beverages you should try when you’re in Italy – wine and coffee. I am generally not an espresso fan, but this cup was the greatest cup I’ve ever had. It’s coffee from Italy, it had to be perfect right?! The Magnum Pleasure Store Venezia was on the other side of the canal from our hotel. My in-laws are obsessed with the ice cream bars, so we had to stop in and try the coffee. It did not disappoint!

I know coffee isn’t the beverage for everyone and I’m grateful the large chains and small shops have alternatives. Sometimes I even enjoy a coffee alternative! However, if you are like me who can’t talk to anyone in the morning until she’s had her coffee, I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorites and I’d love to hear what yours are! Be sure to check out our post on local coffee spots here!


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