Ten Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around


Bad days come and go. In my mind, we have two options to let the day get to us or do something to turn the day around. Of course sometimes a day just isn’t salvageable but I truly believe most days are. Being a Mom is so hard, inevitably someone is going to melt down, something may break, an argument may start. As Moms we shoulder all of that burden and it can get to us, or we can try and turn it around and save the day (like we so often do!). If you’re having a tough day, I’m sharing ten ways to turn a bad day around.

Take a Bath or Shower

Use your sense of touch to totally change your mood. Temperature doesn’t matter, although a hot shower would be nice. The sensation of the water on your skin can change your mood, perspective and snap you out negative thinking. This can work for your kids too, if they’re acting cranky run a bath for them, it can totally change their mood!

Chat with a Friend or Family Member

Do you have someone in your circle that can help cheer you up? Give them a text, call or email. Let them to work their magic goodness. They may be wanting to hear from you anyway! Same thing for your kids, FaceTime Grandma, let them send emojis to their Aunt or Uncle, it can help make them feel connected and special.

Spend Time with a Pet

If you have a pet they can be the perfect way to brighten your mood. Petting a dog or cat can be an effective therapy for bad days. Take them out for a walk, play fetch, or just snuggle up together.


Laughter really is the best medicine. Turn on a funny family movie. Make good use of social media reels, videos or posts. Have your family tell jokes to one another. Laughter is just a great way to get into a better mood fast.

Take a Snack Break

turn a bad day around
Healthy snacks are great by providing your body fuel you may be missing and drawing your focus to your sense of taste to change your mood. Plus we know both grown ups and kids can fell hangry sometimes!


Any sort of exercise will do. Lift some weights, go on a hike, or dance! Exercise elevates your endorphins making it a great mood booster.

Create a Gratitude List

When you’re feeling down, focused on the parts of your life you perceive negatively. Put your attention on something positive. Make a list of all of the good things and remind yourself of how terrific your life is already. This can be great to do with your kids too if they are feeling sad or blue.

Look at Memories

Pull out your high school yearbook or check out your friends’ photos on social media. Grab the wedding album and look at it with the kids. It’s always a good idea to keep a few photos on your phone that always make you smile.

Turn on Some Music

What are the songs that make you smile? Think about making a Happy Vibes playlist on your phone or computer so that whenever the blues come you can immediately feel happy!

Meditate or Pray

turn a bad day around meditate
Regular meditation can greatly uplift your mood and strengthen your focus. One trick I do is hold my hands in a fist facing down take a deep breath and release my hands upward. This physical act helps lighten my mood and channel positive energy.

I hope that this collective list of the top ten ways to turn a bad day around can help! I’m sending you all positive perspectives and good vibes!


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