Take a StoryWalk® In + Around Lansing

Do you have little ones who love books? Does your family love the outdoors? Well then, the library has installed the perfect activity for your family – the StoryWalk®.

What is a StoryWalk®?

A StoryWalk® is an interactive outdoor reading experience. Children’s picture books are transformed into signs along a path in nature for you and your family to enjoy. You and your family will travel through a whole book with stops along the way.

Who is a StoryWalk® good for?

This interactive walk is designed for the whole family. It’s a great way to gather everyone in the family of all ages and head outside to enjoy each other, nature, and a good book. While the books that are typically featured are children’s picture books with minimal text, your big kids can come, too! Have them lead the way and read aloud to your little ones. This is a perfect activity to get your reluctant reader to enjoy some designated reading time while making the practice fun. Do you only have tots who aren’t reading yet? Kids love being read to and will enjoy spending time with you while developing early literacy skills.

StoryWalk® is interactive.

Buzz like a bee. Say your ABC’s. My preschooler loved all of the interactive prompts that each story page also included. There was letter tracing as well as physical activity prompts for us to participate in, which kept our minds and bodies engaged throughout the StoryWalk®. I encourage this to be a time that you let your kids see you be silly. Hop like a bunny with them to the next page. You’ll burn a few extra calories and they’ll love seeing you let loose.

Where can I find one near me?

Now that you know what it is and how much fun they are for the family I am sure your next question is, where can I find one? Lansing area locations are:

Need something else to do after your StoryWalk® adventure? Check out Lansing’s street art scene with a mural tour!


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