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No Longer Silent About Infertility

Infertility. It’s not a club anyone wants to join. Which is why over time I became, "no longer silent about infertility." Feeling Scared I resisted using...

How to Optimize Your Thyroid For Pregnancy and Beyond

Many of us don’t think about our thyroids unless something is not quite right. You probably don't think about trying to optimize your thyroid...

Tips for Supporting New Moms

When a baby is born, so is a mama. Yet throughout pregnancy, the majority of the planning and preparation is for the newborn. We...

The Three-Hour Glucose Test: You Have Nothing to Fear

The dreaded Three-Hour Glucose Test. It's the test you hear about and hope you do not have to do. The type of test that...

One Minute at a Time: Navigating Fertility Through a Pandemic

Our first fertility consultation was in January 2020 to discuss our options for starting a family. We got the tests done, filled out the...

Second Baby—OMG! How Do I Do This?

When I had my son, I knew that I would someday want to give him a sibling. I grew up with an amazing younger...

Pregnancy After Loss: How I’m Keeping Anxiety at Bay

Three pregnancy losses does something to your psyche that may not reveal itself until a seemingly successful pregnancy occurs after. After the implantation of...

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing List…From a Mom of 5

When you pack your hospital bag...are you packing everything except the kitchen sink? Are you 'pinteresting' every variation of labor supplies? Stressing over what to bring,...

When the Storm Passes and the Rainbow Baby Arrives

I had just returned from a week-long trip of spending time with my niece and nephew while my sister and her husband were on...