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A Free Summer Learning Resource Guide

It’s hard to believe that summer is finally here! It brings more sunlight, a slower pace, and the kids are home from school. That...

Celebrate Picture Book Month at Any Age

It’s bedtime- baths have been done, teeth have been brushed, pajamas are on. Twilight is creeping in. I sit on one of my son’s...

An Alternative to the Forced Apology

Recently, my children were playing with their cousins in our basement. There was sharing, taking turns, and general harmony. But, inevitably, something happened. I...

Experiencing a Family Show at the Abrams Planetarium

I don't know about you, but I find astronomy fascinating. It was one of my favorite elective classes while attending Michigan State University. I...

Celebrate International Women’s Day With Your Sons

International Women’s Day is March 8th and began in 1911. This global celebration honors the political, social, economical, and cultural achievements of women. It...

10 Diverse Picture Books You Need

Several years ago, I was in a packed auditorium listening to one of my favorite teachers and reading advocates, Donalynn Miller. I was taking...

Lansing Mom’s Guide to Tutors in and Around the Lansing Area

This school year is holding a lot of uncertainty and big changes. However, that doesn't mean you are alone. There are a multitude of...

Local Favorites Continuing Online Events for Littles

As Michigan begins to slowly reopen from a global pandemic, most of us have come to terms that online events will continue to be...

Life Lessons: Learning and Teaching Diversity Every Day

We live in times during which we are encouraged to learn and grow as a people and society. In this sudden state of collective...