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10 Diverse Picture Books You Need

Several years ago, I was in a packed auditorium listening to one of my favorite teachers and reading advocates, Donalynn Miller. I was taking...

Making Homeschool Fun for Your Littlest Learners

As I enter my second year of homeschool with my four-year-old for preschool, I wanted to share just a few things that I learned...

Homeschool Community Groups and Activities for Your Kids

One of parents' biggest benefits of sending kids to school is the socialization children are able to receive by attending school. We recognize this...

Homeschool Extra-Curricular Groups and Sports

A big concern that parents may have when considering homeschooling is how to continue socialization sports and activities for their kids. Not to worry...

Field Trip Locations and Programs for 2020

Maybe you've chosen to homeschool this year or maybe your school has gone virtual for the foreseeable future. Either way, staying at home or...

Resources for Parents on Michigan Homeschool Laws

Wondering what you NEED to know about homeschool in Michigan? Lansing Mom has got you covered with some of the key items you need...

Make an At Home Beach Day

Life as we know it has officially been put on hold. Beach vacations are cancelled and the couch has become the replacement. Instead of...

A Teacher’s Advice on Facilitating Learning at Home

As a classroom teacher of 23 amazing second graders, I watched from afar as my international teaching friends became confined to their homes. They...