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Introducing Jazmyne…A Lansing Mom

My name is Jazmyne Guy-Hollis, but you can call me Jaz or Jazz.  I am an elephant-loving, Boss Babe, and introvert until you get...

10 Fantastic Children’s Books to Read This Ramadan & Eid

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic lunar calendar. This year Ramadan will begin in mid-April. It is an especially joyous and special...

Field Trip Locations and Programs for 2020

Maybe you've chosen to homeschool this year or maybe your school has gone virtual for the foreseeable future. Either way, staying at home or...

Black Americans in History We Should Know | Part 2

It’s after February and I’m writing about Black American history. Black Americans in history have been an integral part of this country. We disservice our...

Toys For Raising Culturally and Racially Aware Children

Exposing children to different races and cultures is an extremely important part of raising children who value and respect all people. Toys are great...

Life Lessons: Learning and Teaching Diversity Every Day

We live in times during which we are encouraged to learn and grow as a people and society. In this sudden state of collective...

How To Be an Ally As a Mother

At Lansing Mom, we are actively striving, now and always, to be an ally within our community and beyond. We are bringing you this...