Pregnant During a Pandemic? Three Tips for Moms-to-Be

This was not a part of my plan. I finally feel like life has been working– albeit in a somewhat controlled, chaotic status– enough that we can throw another cutie into the mix. The Coronavirus was a distant concern in my mind when I peed on my first stick. Fast forward to now and our world has been thrown into chaos. I am pregnant during a pandemic. Now what? Here are the three things I do to keep myself healthy and sane.

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1. Don’t Panic

I find myself repeating these words every day. Going grocery shopping is now a dangerous chore. I go alone (my husband is recovering from a recent surgery) and take a deep breath. Seeing so many people wearing masks and gloves can feel overwhelming. Many times I am fighting back morning sickness and I hope that no one is looking at me wondering “Does she have it?” Panic does not serve myself or my baby so I try to take it one day at a time.

2. Ration News Intake

This is a big one for me. Years of having a smart phone has led me to naturally review news articles and Facebook posts on a regular basis throughout the day. I try to ration how much news about the pandemic that I take in. People are constantly posting the latest death counts which can lead to me feeling panicked so I avoid those posts as much as possible. I read enough to stay informed but not so much that I feel hopeless.

3. Focus on the Positive

In spite of all of the darkness that may be around me at the moment, there is one shining light: I’m pregnant! I have been able to see my baby in an ultrasound and he/she is so precious. At only 12 weeks, I cannot feel movement but knowing that I am not alone is a great comfort to me. I cannot control the craziness that is going on outside but I can choose to focus on the good that is in my life.

Are you pregnant during a pandemic? How are you, mama? For more resources, check out How to Manage Your Anxiety During Stressful Times.


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