Mommy Needs a Timeout

I always thought being a mom meant putting myself last on the priority list. I thought I needed to do all of the things, go to bed late, get up early, and be super tired all the time.  I did everything and anything for everyone else but me. Have you heard the saying, “You cannot pour from an empty cup?” One day it hit me. If my cup is not full of milk, how could Adrianna be able to drink from it when she wanted more? She can’t. If we as moms are always running on empty, can we truly pour into others? Honestly, no. This is how I came to realize mommy needs a time out.

After running on empty for many years, feeling burnt out, and always on the edge, I decided to find the time for me. I call it “mommy time.” I learned creating “mommy time” was just as important, if not more important, than the time I would have spent doing other things for other people. This was my time for my sanity. To breathe. To do something that filled MY cup up, so that I could go and try my best to fill up others!

I want to bring you some tips to help you start to fill your cup up! We all should pour into ourselves every once in a while. Plus, if we do not do it for us – then who will?

It’s Not About Finding the Time, It’s About Making the Time

We all are busy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Making your “mommy time” is about being very intentional with the time you have. For example, instead of scrolling social media you read a book, take a quick walk, listen to a podcast or audiobook, or maybe soak in the bath after bedtime. I like to use sports practices and waiting in the school pickup line as time to fill my cup too! Instead of sitting in the car, I get out and move for a little bit.  We all know how long we wait in those lines.

Your Family Will Survive

I felt so much mom guilt when I first started “mommy time.” After working all day, I picked up Adrianna from daycare and then put her in front of the TV for 30 minutes so I could have my “mommy time.” I explained to my family why that time mattered to me and that helped ease everyone into it. Was it a transition at first? Yes. Did it take time and practice? Also yes.  Eventually we were got on the same page and we still are today!

It Is Okay to Delegate!

Delegating was another tough hurdle for me to jump. As a mom, I thought I had to be the one to do it all. That doing it all was my role. I realized it is 100% okay to ask for help or to delegate out certain chores! Even your kids are capable of helping out. For example, when Adrianna was little, I would have her pick up her toys. Now was it the best cleaning job? Nope. But was it done and off my list? YES!

As Adrianna got older, I delegated more chores to her. I would ask her to set the table, clear the table, unload the dishes, and now she even puts her laundry away. The chores may not be completed the way I would complete them. However, they are done, everyone is pitching in, and learning along the way. Plus, that is one less thing I have to worry about, so I consider that a win at the end of the day!

Being a mom is the hardest, most challenging, and rewarding job I will ever take on. It feels like I am on constantly. But, “mommy time” is so crucial to my mental wellness, it helps release my anxiety and stress and clears my head.

Take Time for Yourself

Your time for you is just as important, as the time we take to pour into others. We truly cannot pour from an empty cup!  We MUST make the time for ourselves, to refuel, reenergize, and recharge. Listen, if YOU don’t do it for you, honey, no one else will.

I am not talking about every day, or hours at a time, or even having to spend money. Take five minutes to start and do something for you. What puts a smile on your face? What is something that brings YOU joy? Do more of that. Because, girl, we ALL know – mommin’ aint easy.

And if you need a little extra help, don’t be afraid to ask, this is a great tool for finding the right therapist for you!

If you’re looking for more tips to prioritize yourself as a mom, check out Self-Care for Mom: Putting You on Your To Do List.

Kelli Careathers
Hi! My name is Kelli, I am a mama bear to one daughter, her name is Adrianna! My family and I live in East Lansing and are a true Spartan family! I am a health and wellness coach, who works with women daily to empower them to live their best lives and be their support along their journey. In my spare time I love to workout, cook and catch up on my DVR shows!


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