Lunch and Snack Hacks for Every Mom

We have officially reached mid-year, mamas! The school routines are settled, weekday schedules are established…but our energy toward dreaming up new snack and lunch ideas has pretty much vanished. Try some of these easy lunch and snack hacks that add fun and variety!

S.N.A.C.K. Method

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Follow this great resource to simplify back-to-school snacking. You’ll leave those picky kiddos asking for more!

S- Selection: When offering snacks, encourage choices. Kids are curious by nature, so providing a few items that they want to investigate will prompt trying them! Include a few things you know they love, adding a twist with something new.

N- Nutritious: Healthy snacks will leave your kids feeling fuller longer and prevent that mid-day sugar slump. Prep your snacks the same day you grocery shop. Slice grapes, dice tomatoes, crinkle cut those cucumbers, and store them all in produce containers or snack bags. Look toward snacks that are sustaining: mix in two or three foods; include a protein, fat, and carbohydrate. Let your child choose to eat as much of the snack or as little as they would like.

A- Arrangement: Arrange food in a simple way so that when your kid opens their lunchbox at school, it will bring a smile to their face. Whether that be with a smiley face drawn on a banana, or a cookie cutter used to stamp cheese into flower shapes. Any arrangement that is out of the ordinary will spark curiosity and interest to potentially try “a bite or two.” Try these adorable kid toothpicks to serve up new snacks. Use a permanent marker to draw smiley faces on the banana peel. Think simple when it comes to snack time fun!

C- Containers: Use storage containers with sections or silicone muffin tins for a cute kid-sized snack holder. For the littlest eaters, use an ice cube tray to place snacks inside and let them pick and explore. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find unique containers or plates for kiddos to enjoy. The Dollar Tree is a favorite spot to find lunch storage systems. Other companies make plastic compartment-style boxes. There are even stainless steel options.

K- Kids Can Help! Get your kiddo into the kitchen to help prepare and pack snacks. This is a great way to fill them up with a sense of responsibility, pride, and knowledge in regards to what they will be eating and how to make their body healthy and strong. Check out toddler kitchen knives and cutting tools. 


Experiment With New Foods

Some fun snack varieties include:

  • Hummus on a tortilla, rolled up and sliced. Serve with diced tomatoes, applesauce and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Salami, crackers, and sliced cheese. Serve with an orange. If you are feeling artsy, draw a tiger face on that orange for fun!
  • Naan bread, hummus, mini farfalle pasta with pesto and sliced grapes.
  • Ham rolls with cheese and green pepper, ants on a log…add golden grahams, blueberries and grapes in addition to the traditional raisin.
  • Italian pinwheels, diced pears, crinkle cut cucumbers and sliced strawberries.

Also, throw away that mom guilt. We can’t shape every sandwich into a dragon or arrange every snack like the perfect charcuterie spread. Give these lunch and snack hacks a try! Allow yourself to have fun with simple options and keep experimenting with new things. The effort won’t go unnoticed!


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