Podcasts to Listen to on Confronting Racism


Educating yourself on racial injustice is something that we are all responsible for doing. If books aren’t your thing, we have you covered with podcasts that discuss a variety of different topics related to race. This list includes broad genres down to very specific topics. You can start wherever you like to begin listening and learning. Just find one that’s right for you, pop your headphones in, and begin. 

Afropunk Solution Sessions

The premise of this series is not to just talk, but to find solutions to problems. You can listen to their Solution Sessions as they challenge us all to take action.


Caught is a series that looks at how incarceration happens and how young it actually starts. It discusses how once a person is in the system at the juvenile level, how unlikely they are to be able to leave the system as well as the disproportionate amount of Black men who enter the system.

Code Switch

NPR’s podcast discusses race by having the tough conversations. They discuss race’s impact on society and strive to make everyone part of the conversation. They have resources related to current events along with episodes that cover a variety of topics that unpack race in America. 

Come Through with Rebecca Carrol

Episodes focus on conversations about race pertaining to 15 essential topics. This podcast is focused on current events in the climate of 2020.

Identity Politics

Identity Politics is hosted by Ikhlas Salem and Makkah Ali. On their podcast, they discuss race, gender, and being Muslim in America. They cover a variety of topics from food to spirituality.



Natal is a series that discusses what it’s like to give birth as a Black woman. If you are unaware of the differences between Black and White women while giving birth, this series discusses how vastly different it is to give birth as a Black woman.

Pod Save the People

Hosted by organizer and activist DeRay McKesson, this podcast tackles social justice issues head on. Each episode features guests who work to break down the tough issues in America.


Reveal’s episodes cover a wide range of topics not limited to race. However, the topics of race and structural racism are present throughout many of their episodes as they examine injustices.

Scene on Radio: “Seeing White” Series

This 14-part series discusses what it means to be Black and dives into White supremacy in America.

Still Processing

Still Processing is hosted by Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris. They discuss everything going on in the news and a little bit of their lives, too. They will make you really think about what is happening in the world related to culture. 

The Heart: “Race Traitor” series

In this series, Phoebe Unter, a White woman begins to change the White values that she has inherited. She has rejected White supremacy but begins to understand that it takes so much more than that.

The Nod

The Nod is hosted by Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. In their episodes, they discuss a range of topics from history to body image and their own personal lives. This show has ended, but you can still listen to the episodes.

The Stakes

The Stakes podcast is brought to you by the same producers of The United States of Anxiety. These episodes discuss a range of topics from healthcare to the environment and how to change the political system.

The Stoop

The Stoop is hosted by Leila Day and Hana Baba. Their episodes discuss what it means to be Black and shares stories that are not often shared. The episodes are only 30 minutes, so you can pop them on while you do the dishes, go for a walk, or enjoy some downtime.

The United States of Anxiety

Their episodes cover a multitude of topics and try to unpack why we are still unable to achieve a multi-racial democracy in America.

There Goes the Neighborhood

If you don’t know much about gentrification, this series takes a deeper look at how it affects cities. So far the series has covered Brooklyn, LA, and Miami.  


This is another history-based series that discusses stories of the Civil War. It paints American History in a new light by sharing the stories of Black resistors.

Yo, Is This Racist?

Hosted by Andrew Ti, and co-hosted by Tawny Newsome. This podcast dives into topics submitted by the public and answers the question of, is this racist? 

Take a listen and let us know your favorites regarding race in America. If you are looking for other resources, check out Ten Books to Talk to Kids and Teens About Race.


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