Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It is that time of year to get ready for Halloween! Every year it appears there are more activities, events, and opportunities to get dressed up to celebrate. But we all know the feeling of panic when you’re invited to a last-minute gathering and you need a costume quickly. If Halloween has been the last thing on your mind, Lansing Mom is here to help! Here are 5 quick tips to gather a last minute Halloween costume.

Use What You Have

Check your old costume and clothing stash. Odds are there may be some old costumes or pieces of clothing you aren’t using hanging around in the closet. If so, why not re-use an old dance costume? Or, cut some old pants and turn them into shorts. Be creative!

Use Make Up or Face Paint

You can pick up a makeup kit at Ulta, Sephora, or any drug store for not a lot of money. Use fun makeup and face paint to become your favorite villain, animal, skeleton, princess, butterfly, scarecrow, or super hero. The world is your oyster! Check out YouTube for kid-friendly face paint and make up tutorials.


Chances are there is a costume you can borrow from a friend or family member. If the sizes don’t match up or are slightly off, no worries. You can use rubber band, safety pins, or roll  up the sleeves to make it work.

Keep It Simple

Why not dress like your favorite profession or famous person or character? Easy career costume ideas include nurse, firefighter, scientist, teacher, delivery person, construction worker, yoga instructor, chef, and doctor. Maybe you are one of these things and already have the pieces required! For celebrities or characters try Wayne and Garth, Mario and Luigi, Bob Ross or any music artist. These idea require minimal pieces and accessories that you may already have.

Get a Mask

Breeze by Target, Meijer, Once Upon a Child, or your local Spirit Halloween store to get a mask. This is a super simple way to automatically turn yourself into just about anything. Masks come in half sizes as well so there are tons of options. Pair with a solid color shirt and pants and you are ready for some candy!

However you celebrate and whatever costume you choose we hope that you have a safe and happy Halloween. Just remember not to stress out about it and to have fun. Have the family (pets too) dress up, take those pictures and embrace the moments.

Still looking for ways to celebrate Halloween? Check out 9 Halloween Activities for a Fun-Filled, Safe Halloween.


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