Keeping the Holiday Magic Alive


If 2020 had a motto, it would be, “Things will look different this year.” Social distancing, masks, and business closures have forced us to modify celebrations. Despite our best hopes, the upcoming holidays will also be affected by COVID-19. Yet there are still many ways you can keep the holiday magic alive for your family. Like the rest of 2020, it’ll just take a little creativity and a lot of love. (We also recommend your favorite holiday music on repeat.)

Celebrating With Extended Family

Holiday magic comes from spending time with those we love. When it comes to celebrating with those outside of your immediate household, experts agree that taking the party outside is safest. The CDC recommends, “Host outdoor rather than indoor gatherings as much as possible. Even outdoors, require guests to wear masks when not eating or drinking.” Here in Michigan, where the weather can get cold quick, that means our celebrations may be shorter than in years past. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Bundle the kids up, brew some hot chocolate, and consider an outdoor decorating party in lieu of the traditional Christmas Dinner at Grandma’s.

If your family lives close by, gather together at the home of a relative who may not be able to decorate without help. Households can work side by side to hang lights, wreaths, garland, and inflatable decorations. Even little ones can help out by using chalk to decorate a driveway. If it’s already snowed (it IS Michigan after all), they can build a snowman. Sledding and building forts are also an excellent way to keep kids occupied. If your family is not local, you can turn it into a virtual competition. Everyone can decorate their houses and then vote over Zoom or FaceTime for the best holiday display. Prizes are optional but who doesn’t like to have family bragging rights?

Holiday Countdown

Making your own holiday countdown can keep the magic alive for your immediate family. Pick however long a timeframe you want and get the whole family involved in planning. For every day, choose one holiday activity. On busy weeknights, it can be as simple as reading a favorite story or watching a holiday episode of your child’s favorite show. Activities can be more elaborate on the weekends. Making gingerbread houses, going sledding, and driving around to find the best holiday light displays are all popular choices. Mixing in a few surprises from mom and dad (like new PJs and getting to stay up late to watch a holiday movie) are always wins too. Anticipation is a big part of the holiday magic, and a personalized family countdown can really amp up the excitement in your home.

Keeping the Holiday Magic Alive by Giving Back

The pandemic has been especially hard on the nursing home community. Many residents have been without visitors for months due to safety protocols. Letters are one way we can safely connect with this population and spread a little holiday cheer. You can contact local nursing homes in your community and see if they are accepting holiday cards, or visit Love For Our Elders to have your letters sent nationwide. Even the littlest ones in your family can color pictures to send. You just might find that sending love and joy outside of your home makes the holiday magic inside your walls even brighter.

Are you looking to spread some cheer by shopping local? Check out our Lansing Holiday Gift Guide!


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