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The Lansing Mom Mombassador Team is growing and we’re SO excited! We are looking for local women with fresh and diverse voices who are passionate about motherhood and who want to share their experiences and connect with other women in the city of Lansing and beyond. Lansing Mom is committed to creating a community where ALL moms feel welcome at the table, and we are expanding our Mombassador Team to give space to the voices we haven’t heard from yet.

So, is it your voice and experience that we’re missing? We want to hear from you!

Or, do you know someone who would be great in this role? We hope you’ll tell them about this opportunity!

*Note: This is a volunteer role with some fun perks! Keep reading…

The Details

We’re incredibly excited that you would consider sharing your thoughts and experiences with the Lansing Mom Community! Before you think more on the opportunity, please read the following guidelines and feel free to contact us with any questions. ALL questions are welcome. We want to make sure this is the best fit for YOU. There are plenty of opportunities depending on what you love the most about being part of a community.

Who we are looking for….

The Lansing area is an amazing community with so many parenting styles and cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds represented and we would love to continue to build a team that echoes the diversity of our community. With that in mind, the Mombassadors we are looking for are……

  • Moms in and around the Lansing area who have a passion for motherhood, our city and enjoy connecting with other Moms
  • Women with a sense of humor and zest for life who don’t tend to take themselves too seriously
  • A diverse group of women who represent the demographics of our community
  • Moms of children of all ages, from infants to college-age and beyond.

If you’re selected to join our team of Mombassadors, here’s what you can expect:

What you give….

  • You will be assigned one day per week to post in our Lansing Mom Community and Conversation, Mental Health, OR Pre-School Playdates group (you can indicate which one you are applying for on the application)
  • If you are applying for preschool playdates we ask that you set up, and lead, one playdate per month.
  • You are required to post a minimum of once per your assigned day.
  • We will occasionally ask you to share events to spread the word about all the awesome things we have going on in the community! If something doesn’t align with you, no biggie, we just ask that you let us know!
  • Comments in the community group, engage with posts from other Mamas, and get conversations rolling!

What you get….

A support group within the Mombassador Lansing Mom Community. Monthly Mombassador meet ups (depending on everyone’s comfort level these may be virtual at this time). Opportunity to have access to free passes, giveaways etc. within the Lansing Mom Community

What you should do….

Fill out the application and submit your writing sample. Once we close submissions, we’ll let you know that we’re on the way to bury ourselves in all of your content. Ongoing updates will be sent by email!

Deadline to apply is midnight on Sunday, October 31st.


*There will be no exceptions to the application deadline.


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