Introducing Kelli Careathers


Hey y’all, my name is Kelli Careathers! I am a work from home mama bear to our daughter, Adrianna. I am a health and wellness coach, aka private coach to women. My job is to empower, motivate, and inspire my clients to live their best life, set goals, achieve goals, and have fun along the way! I graduated from East Lansing High School and earned my bachelor’s from Michigan State University. My family and I still live here in East Lansing and love every minute of it – we are a true Spartan family…GO GREEN!

This Is Us

Frank and I have one daughter, Adrianna, she is ten going on 18. I love being a girl mom. Adrianna keeps us on our toes and constantly laughing. Adrianna is one of the most thoughtful, silly, fun-loving, dog-obsessed girls, and sprinkle in a little pre-tween sass in there too. Adrianna keeps me going with endless soccer practices and games. I never imagined myself as a “soccer mom,” but, I love watching her play a sport she loves and is good at!

We love to travel and gain new experiences. Two of our favorite places we’ve traveled to are tLaguna Beach, California and Breckenridge, Colorado (Adrianna is a little snow bunny and loves tear it up on her snowboard). Both places were beautiful, with breathtaking views and so much fun!

Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

It was not long into being a mom that I realized it was the hardest, yet most rewarding job I would ever have. All I would hear other moms talk about was how amazing it was, which, I agree with. What I wanted and, maybe more so needed to hear, was that I was not the only mom struggling. I struggled with balancing being a mom, a spouse, managing our home, working outside of the home full-time, daycare worries, and all the bottles to be cleaned, the list seemed never ending.

At times I felt extremely overwhelmed, tired, and wondered if this was how it would always be. I took to social media to share my struggles, to ask questions, and to tell the not so funny stories. Many women thanked me for being so real and open about the good, the hard, and the ugly of being a mom. As Adrianna gets older, the challenges are different but the struggles are still there and you will still find me sharing because, as we all know, mommin’ ain’t easy.

My Health and Wellness Journey

Right after Adrianna turned one, I felt stuck. I was tired, had low confidence, no energy, was stressed to the max, and truly uncomfortable in my skin. I knew I needed to take some sort of action and make changes. I started to show up for myself one day at a time, by moving my body.

Slowly, I started to see results. I was creating a new habit, I was happier, getting more confident and stronger every day. Over the years, I created a lifestyle change that has consisted of moving my body daily, making simple swaps for clean, less processed foods, drinking more water and making myself and my joy a priority.

What I realized along the way, is that if I could feel less stressed, more energized, confident in my skin and happy again, that other busy moms like me could too! I started to share my story and began working with women in a group setting. Offering all the tips I learned along the way, sharing my support, and providing extra encouragement and motivation along the way.

I am truly honored to be a part of this community. To pour into other mama bears and women, to motivate, inspire and support one another! I think now more than even, we need more of it!

Not every day is perfect. Most days I am fumbling forward. I try to find the positives in the negatives, pick myself up when I feel down, prioritize my health and wellness, all while being the CEO of our home and my coaching business. Has it been easy? Nah. But, like I always say, “You are worth the work girlfriend,” because you truly are. So, fight the fight, never give up, give yourself grace and know you are doing the best for you and your family, because, as we all know, mommin’ ain’t easy!


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