Introducing Ciera Trice… A Lansing Mom

Hi Lansing Mom readers! My name is Ciera and I am a Lansing Mom to two small humans and married to my husband, living life in the Lansing area. I work full-time for Michigan State University. I am a native to the area, born at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, and am a graduate of East Lansing High School class of 2008.

My Life As a Lansing Mom

  1. I love DIY crafts and DIY party/event planning.
  2. Traveling is my love language, but I am a repeat offender overpacker—working on it!
  3. Bungee jumping in South Africa has been my most thrilling experience to date.
  4. While I don’t have a favorite holiday, I love birthdays!
  5. Summer weather brings me the most joy—I pick hot over cold every time.

I am an extrovert with a few introverted traits, yet always approachable, outgoing, and friendly. Do we share anything in common? Keep reading to learn a little more about me.


My husband, Marcus, and I met through mutual friends in the summer of 2008, at Pinball Pete’s in East Lansing. We connected instantly and our friendship began—we were nearly inseparable all summer. When I left for college at the end of the summer, we made a vow to stay connected and keep in touch. In fall 2011, our friendship evolved into a relationship, and we have been together ever since. Marcus proposed in 2016, and we got married in July 2017.

It has been such an adventure meeting as teenagers and now building a life together as married adults. Through the highs and the lows, being married to my best friend brings me so much joy.

Motherhood As a Lansing Mom

We have two children, Kamari (2) and Marcus Jr. “MJ” (10 months). Kamari is our sour patch kid, spirited and strong willed, but also sensitive and sweet. MJ is our sweet and happy 2020 baby, who is just excited to be here. He started walking at nine months and is completely fearless, always looking for something to climb or jump on.

In my friend group, throughout college, my friends nicknamed me “mom.” I have always been the nurturing, patient, resourceful, problem-solving confidant within my friend and family circles. As a nanny and coach throughout college, and earning a degree in elementary education, caring for kids has always been second nature.

Motherhood has brought me a sense of purpose and fulfillment unlike any other experience. Nevertheless, finding balance between motherhood, work, and making time to connect with Marcus has its challenges. Some days I feel like I have this motherhood juggling act figured out. Other days, I feel lost and second guess every decision, get frazzled at every tantrum, and wonder how or if we will make it to bedtime. I am grateful for the Lansing Mom community. I am eager for the opportunity to shed light on these highs and lows that are familiar to so many of us. My goal is to reassure at least one person that you are not alone.  I don’t think the not so warm and fuzzy parts of motherhood are shared nearly enough these days. 


When pregnant with my first child, I knew I was in need of a flexible work-life balance. I began working at Michigan State University full-time (in what was previously just a part-time summer position) shortly before Kamari was born in 2018. At the time, I was working full-time as an elementary school reading intervention teacher. I saw how stressed and conflicted many of the teachers with small children were, when they returned from maternity leave. In that moment, although I loved teaching, I felt like I had to choose. Would I be able to pour all of my love and energy into my students and my position during the day? Would I still have the time, energy, and flexibility to prioritize my family as well? Based on the nature of the job, I didn’t think I could successfully do both. A full-time opportunity became available in my department at Michigan State University. I took the leap, shifted careers, and have been there ever since.

My position at MSU has given me a chance to support and connect with underrepresented engineering and STEM students. Building genuine connections with people is my jam. I love to meet new people and learn about their backgrounds and interests. 


Some of my most memorable life experiences have come from my travels. I am most content when I am traveling to different countries and immersing myself in new experiences. Before kids, Marcus and I would travel internationally and domestically fairly often. Some of my favorite places I have visited include: Greece, Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, Australia, and South Africa. I tend to be on the adventurous side when I travel—same with my husband. Parasailing, ziplining, canoeing, water sports, amusement parks, sign me up! Now that we have kids, they both have passports. At 9 months old, Kamari’s first international travel experience with us was a trip to London. We plan to incorporate them into our love for travel as they grow up. 

Passion + Purpose

Most recently, I have begun a journey in entrepreneurship. My apparel brand, Sanci, serves a purpose of celebrating womanhood and motherhood. It has also given me an opportunity to create something, not out of obligation, but based on my own passion and purpose. In addition to Sanci, my latest passion has been starting my blog, Sanci Mama. It has given me a way to share insight on mom hacks and tips that have worked for me. Similarly, the blog allows me to provide some solidarity to other moms seeking support and positivity. 

I love making new friends and meeting people, so please feel encouraged to connect with me on Instagram (@sancimama). I am excited for the opportunity to meet and get to know all of you through this Lansing Mom community!

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