Introducing Angela… A Haslett Mom

Hello ladies! I’m Angela Robertson, a Haslett mom!

I work in public relations and am a VP at the Lansing firm Martin Waymire. My husband also works full time and is going to Cooley on nights/weekends so I spend a lot of solo time with our kiddos. My littles are Callum (4) and Adella (2) and we haven’t completely ruled out a third, if life ever slows down enough! We moved to Haslett a few years ago after spending a few years living in Old Town Lansing, and I’m originally from metro Detroit.

Five Fast Facts About Me

1. Love Audible mainly because I never have time to pick up a paper book.
2. Big fan of good mental health care!
3. My legal name is Angela Robertson but I use my maiden name professionally – Angela Minicuci.
4. We try to travel/camp/rent AirBnBs with the kiddos as often as we can.
5. We have two pups! A 13-year-old, 4-pound rat terrier and an 11-year-old, 60-pound pit bull.
If you’d like to learn a little more about me, I’m happy to share!



I get it now when people say that their biggest accomplishment in life is their children! Our littles are some of the coolest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. Cal is a total class-clown, all-boy and still, the most tender-hearted little man there ever was. Dell is all-girl, sassy and sweet all in one, and my little blonde mini-me. We didn’t find out their genders during each pregnancy and try to stay very open and genderless in how we raise them but they are definitely their own people, marching to the beat of their own drums, and I love it!


As proud as I am of my babies, my job comes in at a close second. If I’m being honest, I never anticipated having a career I cared so much about and believed in so ferociously. But luck has it, I have been able to find a home at a local PR company that lives its mission in every sense of the word: making Michigan a better place.



In 2010, I started dating the intern at my first job out of college (post-his internship ending). And here we are, 11 years later, happier than either of us could have dreamed (and without the weird workplace tension). My husband is truly my best friend in every sense of the word. We both juggle working full-time with parenting full-time, and for him, even going to law school in all our non-existent spare time. There’s no one else who can make me laugh as hard as he can, or make me feel as loved or safe.
Being a mom is no-joke, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we’re at it! I’m so looking forward to being a part of the Lansing Moms community and growing alongside you all in mommyhood! I’d love to connect with you on social media in addition to our conversations here! My hope is to be able to provide you with an honest look at life – the upsides and down – while offering ideas and support along the way.


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