Introducing Alice Frame… A Holt Mom


I’m Alice: mom, wife, reader, crafter, and dedicated sunscreen wearer. I’m pro-therapy, Team Oxford Comma, and appreciate a well-placed “that’s what she said” joke. I also have a gift for nervous rambling and terrible first impressions. I live in Holt with my husband and our 18-month-old daughter.

Family Life

My husband and I have been married almost five years, together for twelve, and friends for much longer. We love going for walks, watching movies, playing chess, sitting on our back deck, and spending time with our daughter. Our kiddo is one and a half and loves being outside, swimming, snuggling, and knocking down towers of random toys. She also has a massive love for turtles that I can’t totally explain, and Peter from Snowy Day is her favorite book character.  She has brought more joy into our world than we ever knew was possible.

A Few Things About Me:

I’m a reader, in a “read 100 books a year and have a library in my house,” kind of way. Reading with my kiddo is one of my absolute favorite things to do. We intentionally make time for it every day. She’ll even sit on my lap looking at her book while I read mine (a bookworm parent’s dream). I’ll read just about anything, but have a particular love for creepy thrillers, historical fiction, and anything by Lisa Scottoline.

I craft all the things, but basket weaving and crocheting are my two favorites. I love giving handmade gifts, and nothing says both pretty and practical like a sturdy basket. My craft bag travels with me most of the time, and I have a perpetual layer of yarn fuzz on me. I learned how to basket weave from my grandma, so that one is extra special.

My favorite foods are smoothies (Bahama mama, no sugar, with spinach and kale from Tropical Smoothie), milkshakes (vanilla or mint from Dairy Dan), and coffee (low-acid with creamer, or a reduced calorie golden chai with soy from Biggby).

Work Life

I love my job. I’ve worked in public health for seven years, focusing on access and inclusion for people with disabilities in programs and services.  I’ve been able to work from home for the last couple years, and – like so many other parents – struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance at times. I’m also a person with a disability and complex medical needs, so I’m passionate about addressing ableism and accessibility in our community.

I’m here to dive into the deep topics –

….disability, chronic disease, race, gender, mental health, health equity, miscarriage, adoption, climate change, and more. The things hardest to discuss are the ones we need to talk about. I’m so excited join Lansing Moms and look forward to connecting with all of you.




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