I Ditched Tampons and You Can, Too

10 years ago, I quit tampons cold turkey. At the time, I didn’t know what my options were, but I definitely wasn’t interested in using them anymore. Truth be told, I am an overly anxious person about what I use consistently for my body. Is the occasional cheeseburger going to kill me? No, probably not, but would I eat them consistently? Also, probably not. And that’s how I felt about tampons– used once in a while is fine, but did I feel comfortable consistently putting them in my body? No, I didn’t. So I ditched tampons and I’m here to hopefully convince you that, if you’ve been thinking about it, you can too! 

Your first question is probably, what are my options? Maybe you’re not comfortable using a cup; maybe you’ve tried a cup and it’s uncomfortable. Or, maybe you just want all the information on getting rid of tampons! I’m here to help, because over 10 years I’ve learned a few things, and based on what your goals/needs are, there are TONS of options.

Lansing Mom is here to share our tried and true favorites. This post does contain affiliate links that help support our small business but every product is something we love!

Menstrual Cup

Option one is the cup. You’ve probably heard of the Diva Cup, the most popular brand but there are tons out there. If your concerns are environmental and chemical, I recommend you start by looking at cups. The amount of waste that is caused by menstrual cycle products, like tampons, is enormous but products like the cup are super environmentally friendly. There are tons of brands out there, but the top two I recommend looking at are Diva Cup and OrganiCup, they both will meet different needs depending on your concerns of what the product is made out of. 

Once you’ve got your brand down you’re probably wondering how does this even work? Both websites will give you directions on how to appropriately size (spoiler alert: if you’ve given birth it’s the biggest size), use, and clean your cup. It can be a little daunting at first, but once you’ve used it a couple times, it will be second nature. The Diva Cup also offers a cleaning product on their site to ensure proper cleaning. You’ve ditched tampons, decided on the cup, and now it’s as simple as following the instructions and getting started. 

Menstrual Disc

You’ve ditched the tampons and you need options. Option two is the menstrual disc. I only have one brand to recommend here and that is Flex. If you’ve tried the cups and they just don’t work for you, I suggest trying this disc shape instead. Personally, I think this is a better product if you’ve given birth, but that is my personal opinion. The disc is unique in that it doesn’t sit in your body the same way as the cup and tampons do. Head to the Flex Disc website where they provide details on how many you will need and how to clean. Flex Disc is not reusable so if you’re concerned about environmental impact, try the cup first! 


Alright, maybe a disc or a cup is not your thing. I get it, it can be super intimidating! If you want to ditch tampons, and are concerned about the environment, but don’t want to make a full jump just yet, I bring you menstrual underwear.

There are other brands out there but the only brand I can attest to is Thinx, so I’ll stick with that. While I was pregnant, I was looking for an alternative to large underwear with pads to use after giving birth and thus came my first pair of Thinx. I have never had an issue with these and tend to mix them in with other methods during my cycle.

When you head to their website, they will help you choose what’s right for you and how many pairs you need. They’ve got care instructions and more. I will say that I can only attest to their hiphuggers. They have come a long way with tons of new products since I started buying them. Thinx are comfortable and as long as you follow care instructions, they hold up really well. Read: do not wash them in warm water like I did…they will shrink and you will be upset. If you’re not sold on the cups or discs just yet, I highly recommend trying these.


Pads seem obvious, I get that, but when I ditched tampons ten years ago I didn’t know where to start. While I don’t use them often, I ALWAYS keep them on hand. My biggest concern with tampons was what is actually in them, and pads are no different. Things have definitely changed in the last ten years and there are so many options for pads and tampons. My recommendation is Cora but there are tons out there and you can do your own research! While this is not an environmentally friendly option, it is one that might give you more peace of mind. 

At the end of the day we do what we feel is right for ourselves and our bodies. I personally use some combination of these things because I’m indecisive as can be and it all depends on the day. So if you’ve been thinking about making a switch, I hope this post has empowered you to do so. Have questions? Leave a comment and I can help based on personal (not medical) experience. 


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