How to Stay Organized this School Year

It’s about to be a new school year, and staying organized is a challenge when the school year starts. New routines, new schedules and a lot of moving parts (and bodies!) can wreak havoc with even the most organized mom there is. Here are a few tips to help you stay organized this school year.

Take a Look Around

Firstly, what does the schedule for your family’s day look like? When will the kids be leaving for school? Returning? What will you expect from your kids to make the mornings–and evenings–go smoothly? Can they adapt to that? Can you and your kiddos meet those expectations? Knowing where you are starting and what you can handle will help you gauge what systems would suit you and your family best. After that, you will have a better idea of what you need to get organized and stay organized!

Lines in the Sand

Once you know what your schedule looks like, and you’ve decided what you expect, and what you and your kids can manage, you can settle on some non negotiables. Creating a list of a few expectations that everyone must follow and working on them together can be helpful. For instance, the first time I went to work with my son’s backpack in the middle seat we came up with a “Everything Inside” rule. When you got out of the car, everything goes with you so mom can’t accidentally take your homework to a meeting!

Use What You’ve Got

Cell phones aren’t just common, they are an essential tool for most adults. So, using your phone as a tool to help keep your family organized is a no brainer. There are dozens of apps on the market to help manage family schedules that adapt easily to multiple users. In addition to color coding activities, reminders for, and alerts, are also helpful tools to keep everyone organized. Keep in mind that as useful as technology is, it’s an easy time sucker. Limiting your use will help you stay focused–and organized.

Schedule It to Stay Organized

I am a big fan of to-do lists. It’s nearly impossible for me to remember what needs to be done without keeping tabs. However, I wasn’t always getting my to-do list completed. That’s when I began scheduling my to-do list right into my calendar. You 8th grader needs supplies for a history project? Instead of adding it to your to-do list, schedule it for Tuesday at 4:30 after school.

No matter what your non-negotiables are, or what app you use to manage the chaos of daily life–you will miss appointments, somebody will go to school without lunch, and the money for the field trip with get lost. It’s all a part of the gig. Most importantly, give yourself grace. Give your kids grace and embrace the growth and changes that a new school year brings!

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