How To Financially Plan for Your Growing Family

Your family is growing and there are SO MANY things to think about. Along with all the exciting things that come with families and motherhood, there are big questions too. What car do you need, what size home, what necessities, how much will groceries cost, are we saving for college? While all these things pop into the forefront of our mind when growing and raising our family they all tie back to one thing, our finances. Managing finances and planning for the future can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to! Lansing Mom is so excited to partner with Grace Braatz-Opper of Modern Woodmen of America to bring you a guide on, How To Financially Plan for Your Growing Family.

Before we dive in we want to thank our partner Grace Braatz-Opper, of Modern Woodmen of America, for making this possible. As a Modern Woodmen representative, Grace uses her knowledge of financial products and needs to help her members plan for a secure financial future. Working together, she can help you develop a personal financial strategy unique to your needs and goals.

Financially Plan for Your Growing Family

In order to plan for your growing family, Modern Woodmen believes in planning for life. Planning for life can mean so many things for so many different people. Your journey as a mother, and a family, is uniquely your own and Grace will help you put together a personal financial strategy that meets your needs and goals.

Step One: Define your financial needs and goals

This is a place to talk about your future and what you want out of it. Are you looking at setting up college funds or retirement? Do you have other big plans for your life? In this first step you will lay out everything you’re hoping for and Grace will guide you along the way!

Step Two: Assess your current financial situation

The starting place is where you are now. Grace will help you take a look at your current financial situation and together you will create a plan to help get you to where you want to be.

Step Three: Create an affordable plan that will grow with you in the future

As your family grows your plan can too, you’ll work together to create a plan that is affordable based on your current financial situation, to help you meet your future goals.

Step Four: Implement and adjust your plan over time

As your family grows you may need to adjust your plan. Grace will be there to help you during all the different stages of life you grow into with a plan that fits your family.

Financial Needs and Goals You Can Assess with Grace of Modern Woodmen of America

  • Savings
  • Protection
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Distribution
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Employee Benefits

As Moms we know having a financial plan in place can make a difference in our futures and those of our children. If you’re ready to get started with planning for life, contact Grace Braatz-Opper here!

Looking for more information from Grace? Check out her Lansing Mom Instagram Series here.


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