How To Create a Functional Work and School Space at Home

Before the pandemic, I rarely chose to work from home. I prefer to be around my colleagues. Plus, I have my cubicle where I can focus on my work that has the perfect set up: two monitors, phone with headset, and a laptop that I can take to meetings. I had never considered how I would create a work and school space at home, and then the pandemic happened.

Working on Couch: Not a Great Idea

Let’s start with what not to do. For me that is working on the couch! My husband and I work for the same company. We were asked to work from home before the state shut down. We were basically only prepared in the sense that we both had working computers. I’m not really sure anyone ever anticipated this amount of  working from home.

Normally, when I had to work from home I would work in the dining room. Now, our two-year-old son has joined us on this new endeavor. I needed to be able to keep an eye on him. I made the poor choice of working from our couch. If you are anything like me, and have an active toddler, it makes it very difficult to focus on work if you’re working on the couch. My son was crawling all over me and I quickly realized that the couch was not going to be a permanent solution.

Wherever you’re working from home you may need to try and make it as distraction free as possible. Have a space set up for you and your kids that keeps you both busy! 

Creating Your Own Space

I have a beautiful desk that was my grandfather’s, so I decided to move that into the living room, but you can easily find a desk on Amazon or even Facebook Marketplace. This way, I made a space within his space that was just for me. I know many moms are still taking care of their kids or helping them with school.

Being close to each other is important but we still have to be able to work! I placed my son’s little table next to my desk so that he can still feel close to me while playing with toys. We now have a work and school space at home, all in one. Creating my own space helped but it does not cure everything.

Do What Works for You

My son still needs my attention throughout the day. I do my best to take my breaks/lunches at times that work for him. We like to go for walks around downtown Mason. I suggest trying to do whatever you can within reason of your work. Hopefully your work understands the need for flexibility right now.

My advice for all the working parents out there who are struggling with working at home, with children, is to do what works for you. Creating a work and school space at home can be difficult, but you can do it. Try to take it one day at a time and know that you are not the only one struggling! 

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