Get Organized: 6 Week Decluttering Challenge

When is the last time you had a great decluttering session? Clutter can lead to stress and drain us of our time and money. How? Because we spend extra time looking for lost things, keys, shoes, tools, etc. Then, we end up replacing lost items and buying duplicates of things we already have. Not having our financial papers organized can lead to bills being lost, resulting in late fees.

Why not start decluttering and get organized over the next six weeks? It’s not going to happen overnight, it’s going to be a journey. You’ll free up space in your home and organize items so you always know where to find them. Each week, intentionally tackle a specific area of your home. Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day organizing, and take baby steps. Let’s make it happen!

Make a List

Start by making a list for each of the spaces you’ll tackle and anything specific you want to accomplish within that space. Below is an example of the different areas you could work on decluttering each week. Need a couple weeks or a month for each space? Do what works best for you!

  • Week 1: Attic and Basement
  • Week 2: Closets and Bathroom
  • Week 3: Bedrooms and Office
  • Week 4: Living Room and Dining Room
  • Week 5: Garage and Outside
  • Week 6: Kitchen and Pantry

Decluttering Tips

  1. If it hasn’t been used in six months, sell, donate, recycle, or trash it.
  2. Put like items together in storage places so they are easier to find.
  3. Separate items into four sections: trash, recycle, sell, donate.
  4. Put all holiday decorations/decor into storage bins that match the holiday they’re in (e.g. fall/halloween into orange bins) or put them in clear bins so you can see the decor.
  5. Decluttering means giving everything a space. If it doesn’t have a space, you don’t need it.
  6. Once you have a place for everything, remember this rule: when you take something out, put it back.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are key components to organizing and decluttering. You can order totes and clear stackable containers online from places like The Container Store, Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or Target and have them delivered. Another great option is Target Drive-Up with same day pickup.

With the weird spring we had, many of us were preoccupied and didn’t get our normal spring cleaning done. Take the challenge and see what you can do with six weeks of decluttering! Happy organizing!

If you’ve got the house done, but need to zero in on decluttering kid spaces, check out Amping Up the Power of Play by Organizing Toys.


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