Five Spaces to Declutter Right Now

Spring is almost here and a lot of us are spending a little more time at home. It has set us up for the perfect opportunity to clear out some of those neglected spaces and declutter right now. Every spring, we do the typical cleaning but there are some places that we overlook. Maybe you don’t think about it, or maybe you don’t like the idea of the task, but organizing them is going to make you feel so good! Check out our list here to see the five easy spaces to declutter right now.

Medicine Cabinets

Spaces to Declutter Right NowMedicine is a hot commodity right now. If you’ve stocked up over the last couple days, you probably have seen a few old medicines in your cabinet. Now is the perfect opportunity to clean it out. Throw out expired medicines so you don’t accidentally use them later. While you’re cleaning, make a list of what you need to restock on– if it’s essential, place an order for it. One other thing we do often is make sure our thermometers are still working. If you have an ear thermometer, be sure you have the covers necessary to use it. Once your cabinet is cleaned out and up to date, sort it in an order that works for your family. This way it’s easy for everyone to access when in need.


Spaces to Declutter Right Now

This one is going to feel good when it’s done. I recommend pulling everything out of both the fridge and freezer. Just like with the medicine cabinet, throw out what has expired. Once you’ve got it all out, clean that fridge! I like to use a simple vinegar and water solution to clean the inside because it doesn’t smell like other cleaners. Most fridges will have drawers and shelves that will slide all the way out to make for easy cleaning. Once you’ve got the inside cleaned, wipe down the outside, and then put it all back in!

Kitchen Pantry and Cabinets

Kitchen Space

At the risk of sounding redundant, hit the cabinets and pantry and empty them out. This will be an easy space to declutter right now, and you can start by throwing out what has expired. Most items in here will have a longer shelf life but if something has passed its date, pitch it. Keep a list as you go of what you’d like to restock on your next trip. Next, get rid of those utensils, pots and pans, plates, cups, whatever it is, that you no longer use. You know, the ones that you push to the back every time? My family is personally guilty of doing this with coffee cups. Set up a donation box to send to those in need. You’ll feel relief with less clutter, and you’ll be doing something good at the same time.

Linen Closet

Spaces to Declutter Right Now

I don’t know about you, but this space gets really neglected in our house. Because sheets aren’t an every day necessity, we tend to think we’ll deal with it later. “Later” doesn’t happen that often, so set aside the time to organize this space. Get rid of those old towels that you aren’t using. Go through the extra linens– if anything hasn’t been used in more than a year, consider donating it. If you don’t have a constant rotation through the linens, consider giving them a wash before putting them all back in.


Garage space

The temps are warming up and the garage has been neglected ALL winter. There’s no time like the present to clean and organize out there in preparation for warmer days ahead. It’s easy to get out there and declutter right now! Organize all the lawn care tools, go through last year’s toys, and donate what you no longer want. Put some air in the bike tires, and get yourselves set up for spring. Consider enlisting your kids to sweep it out, too, if it’s gotten a little dusty!

Our family is super guilty of doing the big cleans but neglecting these small spaces. Once they’re cleaned out we feel so much better and our home functions better. What spaces do you LOVE to organize? Looking for more things to do at home? Check out our Activities for Your Kids (and Your Sanity) While Stuck at Home.


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