Finding Work-Life Balance as a Mom

Many of us know the struggles that come with being a working mom. Some days are harder than others and it can leave you feeling like things are way off balance. Finding the best work-life balance and managing your time can be challenging. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with work and family, I hope the following strategies inspire you to make a change.

Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

This one should go without saying, but boundaries are extremely important for creating a healthy work-life balance. 

Your working hours should be clearly defined and you should stick to that as much as you can. If you work outside the home, try to leave work at work. If you work remotely in your home, having a dedicated work space is important. That way, when you leave your work space you can shut off your “work brain” and be present for your family and yourself. 

Also, try to silence or mute notifications on your phone that are related to your work. Let your boss or coworkers know that you are available during a specific times of the day and that you shouldn’t be contacted outside of that unless there is an emergency. Everyone has a life outside of work and it’s ok to protect that. 

Talk to Your Kids About What You Do

Work-life balance is exactly that, a balance. It’s helpful when your kids have some understanding of what you do for a living. This conversation will look different depending on your job and how old your kids are. 

My oldest is three and a half, so I don’t get into the details with him. But he does understand that sometimes I work at home and sometimes I work from my office. The context for him is related to the days he goes to preschool. 

A cheesy pic I asked a coworker to snap so I could show my toddler where I am when I “go to work.”

When he doesn’t want to go to school or asks me why I have to go to work, I remind him that his dad and I have work. Then he remembers that we work to make money and that we need money to buy things. He has a very surface level understanding, but it will evolve as he gets older and understands more about the world.

If you have older kids, I would explain as much as you’re comfortable. I think it’s important for kids to understand that parents have lives outside of just being a parent. You usually know what your child is learning in school, so talk to them about what you’re working on, where it makes sense. 

Something’s Got to Give

Obviously life is going to happen, so sometimes your working life and your home life have to merge. Usually, not much gets done on those days so if necessary, communicate with your manager about any adjustments or accommodations you might need.

If you’re unable to take time off or adjust your schedule, remember that it’s OK to ask for help. You don’t have to do everything for everyone all of the time. 

And if you are feeling burnt out, consider taking a break for yourself. Taking a mental health day, a day to lay on the couch and veg, or just to catch up on the never ending tasks at home, are all sufficient reasons to take time off. Don’t forget to care for yourself, too. You are amazing working mom, always remember that.

If you feel overwhelmed by balancing work and home life, read more about how burnout affects moms here.


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