Celebrate Galentine’s Day from Afar This Year

If you have never celebrated Galentine’s Day, you’re missing out. It may be a fictional holiday, but it’s one you will want to add to your spring calendar, for real—and for good!

Celebrated on February 13th, Galentine’s Day was invented by the writers of the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Main character Leslie Knope invites her gal pals to a brunch, complete with handmade, personalized, ridiculous gifts she’s prepared for each of them. The point of the gathering is to highlight the importance of female friendship, especially during a month when romance reigns supreme. 

A dear friend of mine is the queen of Galentine’s Day, and each year she invites her local friends to a brunch party with waffles, mimosas, sparkly heart decorations and a gift exchange. This year, she has come up with a pandemic-appropriate gift exchange by mail or porch delivery, instead. 

Her desire to continue to celebrate Galentine’s Day magic has inspired me to share these ideas with all of you. I hope that whether you are an old pro at the holiday or this is the first time you’ve heard of it, we can all celebrate the important ladies in our lives in this unusual season.

Give your friends a social media shoutout.


This is an easy—and free—way to make your girlfriends feel valued this season. Dig through the Facebook photo vault and save some real stunners. Use Canva to create a collage and size it for social media. Then share it along with some favorite memories or the qualities you most appreciate about those friends. You can do one group post, or share a few throughout the day so each lady gets their spotlight moment.

Everyone likes to log into Facebook or Instagram and see they’ve been tagged in a sweet tribute. Plus, it’s a nice complement to the romantic Valentine’s Day posts everyone will see the following day.

Celebrate Galentine’s Day virtually.

virtual watercolor

We have all grown in our virtual socializing skills this past year, and celebrating Galentine’s Day is a great excuse to put those newfound talents to use.

In preparation for these winter months in Michigan when safe, outdoor gatherings are less pleasant, we invested in a number of Jackbox Games. These silly, multiplayer games are accessible with any smartphone or tablet, and can easily be done remotely. The options range from drawing games like a virtual Pictionary, to trivia or other kinds of wordplay. I usually end up crying from laughing so hard when I play, so stock up on tissues, snacks, and charge your phone for some fun. 

For the less competitive girl gang, try a virtual movie night. Apps like Watch Netflix Together allow you to watch the streaming service at the same time, with a live chat function in the sidebar. That way you can share your instant reactions as if you’re in the same room—and take coordinated snack breaks, as needed. 

A third option for a virtual Galentine’s Day party is to do something creative together. Grab some watercolors and paper and follow along with a Let’s Make Art tutorial on YouTube. These video tutorials are easy to follow and simple enough to still enjoy conversation while you paint. Plus, you’ll each have a fun souvenir to hang on your wall when you’re done. Let that remind you of your friends while you’re far apart.

I’ve tried all three of these activities with girlfriends over the past few months. While it’s not the same as being together, it does allow new ways to connect and laugh with one another. We all need that more now than ever.

Support women-owned businesses. 

A final and less commonly thought of way to celebrate ladies is to support some woman-owned businesses in your community. Grab a gift from a local shop, drop it off on your friend’s porch, and you’ve just supported at least two fabulous females at once!

Here are just a couple ideas to get you started:

  • Sparrow Bloom Co. | Buy a friend flowers from this local business.
  • Constellation Cat Cafe | Schedule your feline-loving friend some COVID-safe Cat Room Time (yes, that’s a real thing) in this East Lansing establishment.
  • Strange Matter Coffee | Send coffee, beans or bottled, from this Lansing spot—free local delivery! 

So there is your safe, virtual guide on how to celebrate Galentine’s Day. I hope you take this opportunity to love on your friends and make sure they know how much they mean to you, this year and every year. 

Looking to better support your friends all throughout the year? Check out our piece on How to Make and Maintain Friendships as a Mom!

Joy Shantz
Joy is a wife, mom, friend and neighbor who lives in the City of Lansing and loves it! She gets excited about the outdoors, cold brew coffee, international cuisine and meeting new people. You can follow her Lansing area adventures at her personal blog @hometownfound on Instagram.


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