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Miranda Zoumbaris

Miranda is a mama to two young girls. After spending 13 years serving families of babies and toddlers in early intervention she recently took a leave to care for her daughters and build her own small business. Miranda is currently working on developing an LLC to provide parent and me education classes along with coaching and support for parents and professionals surrounding the birth to five age range. In her spare time she enjoys baking, creating, and working hard to keep her pandemic house plants alive. You can follow her journey on her favorite social platform Instagram @earlyinterventionmama.

Corn Mazes In and Around the Lansing Area You Can’t Miss

5 years ago, I started to fall in love with my husband in a corn maze. It sounds silly, but it's true. Do you want me to describe it to you? (Insert trending Instagram...

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone in the Family

My fondest memories of Christmas include opening up stockings together with my siblings. As adults, we were still given stockings to open which were lovingly filled with everything from gift cards to scratch-off tickets,...

Buy the Pie! Where to Find Thanksgiving Pies In + Around Lansing

As new restrictions surrounding indoor gatherings have gone into place, the normal American tradition of extended family or friends gathering squished up around a dinner table to feast will look quite different. Missing your...

Working Through Grief and Saying Goodbye to Home

I never thought it would be so hard to say goodbye to a house. Then, I realized our childhood home was riddled with my departed Dad's handiwork and memories. Many of my heartstrings that...

When Your Baby Hates Tummy Time and You Do, Too

Sometimes being a new parent is harder than you expected. There you are, cuddling and consoling your screaming baby after scooping them up from their last tummy time session. You begin to wonder if...

Love at First Bite: 10 Reasons to Love Baby-Led Weaning

Have you given thought to how you might transition your little one from breast milk or formula to solids? Every parent should make their own decision and discuss with their child’s health care provider...

Simple Art for Little Hands

On any given day you can walk into my house to find several paint splashes across my kitchen cupboards, leftover pieces of playdough crumbled on the floor, crayons and markers spread across the counter,...

Tips and Resources for Healing From Postpartum Depression

Can I tell you a secret? Listen up because you need to hear this. The most educated, attentive, and loving mothers can experience postpartum depression. Did you get that? The ones who live and...

Introducing Miranda Zoumbaris a Lansing Mom

Being a mom was always my plan. Growing up, my family teased me that I would have 12 or more kids, be a stay-at-home mom, and live on a big farm surrounded by chickens....