Michelle Weinfeld-Geller


Top 3 Tips to Help Kids Learn About and Celebrate Hanukkah

Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas has always been a joy for me. Growing up, I learned about two faiths as my mom is Christian and my dad is Jewish. I always love the holidays and...

A Stack of Love with Valentine’s Day Books

When I was younger, February came around and it was time to head to the store to buy Valentine’s for all my school classmates. I always loved picking out cards that I thought my...

New Year, New Tips on How to Handle Stress

January has always been a time for us to sit down and write out goals and dreams for a new year. How do you do that when you’re still stressed and overwhelmed from the...
Pumpkin Cold Brew

The Best Coffee to Try for National Coffee Day

Coffee is one of my love languages. I want to share my top 3 coffee drinks as this last week was National Coffee Day and the first day of October is International Coffee Day! Before...

Five Daycare Tips for a First Time Mom

As August approached this year, I started to feel that feeling we all remember, school is coming. For some, that brings joy as we remember what it was like to go shopping for new...
Michelle, Jared & Lucy

Introducing Michelle… A Lansing Mom

Hello hello! My name is Michelle and I am a Lansing Mom! Born and raised on the west side of Lansing. I am an Enneagram 2 (I love personality quizzes), Michigan State Football, Disney,...