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Leah Grice

Leah is a Lansing mom to a wild one year old. After motherhood redefined everything for her, she's navigating new paths asking 'what am I even doing' while laughing all along the way.

Local Coffee Houses in Lansing You Need to Try

Coffee, specialty drinks, teas, chai lattes. However you get it, many moms need their caffeine fix. Sure, you know what you want from chains and you can be fairly certain it will taste like...

Fall Family Fun Events and More In + Around Lansing

As Michiganders, we're so lucky to be able to take a drive with a PSL in hand, window down, and watch the seasons entangle during the dance of change through the foliage. Sometimes, though,...

Local Farms to Support In + Around Lansing

Supporting local is great. During the pandemic? It's essential. You can cut out the middle man and shorten your food supply chain by buying directly from local farmers. Here are seven incredible farms to...

Postpartum Resources In + Around Lansing During Pandemic

In all honesty, the postpartum period is messy. It can feel hard to navigate or even impossible at times, even with an amazing support system, and now you find yourself facing it in the...

5 Educational Documentaries to Watch on Disney+

In search of a substitute homeschool teacher? In need of something to watch that you and your kids can agree on? Or maybe you think your kids have had too much screen time during...

Introducing Leah Grice…a Lansing Mom

Hi, I'm Leah and I'm a Lansing Mom! I’m the mom who shows up at daycare drop-off in the same sweats as yesterday and, dang it, I forgot the diaper bag again. I’m going to be...

Lansing’s Top Sensory-Friendly Places

You and your child should feel safe, comfortable, and happy when you visit a place in our community and many of Lansing’s business owners have made sure that you can enjoy your experience. There are...