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Celebrate Mother’s Day Locally While Social Distancing

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and unfortunately, the celebrations may be a little limited this year. In order to keep it special, we’ve rounded up our top ten local picks for Mother's Day this...

Things To Ditch This Earth Day

The last few weeks have taught me that all those economic lessons on supply and demand through the years was a real thing, and that if your demand is so high that your supply...

Maintain Connection and HAVE FUN with These Five Apps

Don't worry you're not going to find Zoom or FaceTime on this list, we know you've got those down! We want to help you maintain connection and have fun at the same time. The...

Make an At Home Beach Day

Life as we know it has officially been put on hold. Beach vacations are cancelled and the couch has become the replacement. Instead of being super bummed about it, we thought, what could we...

Easy Painted Door Activity for the Whole Family

The days have started to drag on a little bit and we are constantly looking for ideas to keep the kids occupied! As we were decorating for Easter, I was feeling a little bit...

Lansing Fitness Classes You Can Do at Home Now

We don't know about you, but our mental load is feeling a little bit heavy right now. Our major stress relief– the gym– has been limited until further notice, but there is a solution....

Five Spaces to Declutter Right Now

Spring is almost here and a lot of us are spending a little more time at home. It has set us up for the perfect opportunity to clear out some of those neglected spaces...

Greater Lansing Area Food Banks and School Meals

Whether you need a "Food Banks and School Meals" resource for now, or in the future, we are here for you. We understand that knowing where you can receive a meal from is truly...

Ways You Can Shop and Support Local Right Now

It seems that just last week we were going on about our normal lives, listening with one ear to the news, but also remaining calm. As our situation in Michigan is changing rapidly from...

Activities for Your Kids (and Your Sanity) While Stuck at Home

Hey Mama! Recent trends are showing that we might be spending a little more time at home. Whether you are self restricting travel, spring break is on, or you just need some “rainy day”...