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Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Charlotte

Located southwest of Lansing is the town of Charlotte. With a quaint downtown area that features shopping, dining and more, it's a great community to settle your family. Lansing Mom's Family Favorites in Charlotte Things to...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to St. Johns

The community of St. Johns is located North of Lansing. With a downtown area and plenty of space to roam this is the perfect place to settle your family if you are looking for...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Webberville

Located east of Lansing is the village of Webberville. If you're looking for a quiet small town, this is the place. Webberville has all the charm of a small community with an easy drive...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Stockbridge

The village of Stockbridge is located Southeast of Lansing. It is a small community that might be the perfect place to call home, if you love a quiet, small town feel! Lansing Mom's Family Favorites...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Holt

South of Lansing you'll find the community of Holt. Moms love the Holt because it feels like a true community, where neighbors support one another and families raise their children. Lansing Mom's Neighborhood Guide to...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Williamston

Located about twenty minutes outside of Lansing, Williamston is the perfect spot to raise your family. With the cutest downtown area and several parks it’s perfect for those looking for a small town.  Lansing Mom's...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Okemos

Just beyond the Lansing area is the quiet community of Okemos. Moms love it for it’s suburban feel, beautiful neighborhoods and close proximity to all the things Mom life requires! Lansing Mom's Family Favorites in...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to East Lansing

The East Lansing Community is home to Michigan State University which makes it a buzzing city where there is always something going on! The downtown area offers shopping, restaurants, and a quick walk over...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Old Town

Looking for a part of town that has a lot of personality? Old Town is the perfect spot for you. With great shopping, restaurants and tons of fun to be had, this neighborhood of...

Lansing Mom’s Neighborhood Guide to Lansing’s West Side

You want to be in Lansing but not directly downtown? The West Side has so much to offer in terms of great neighborhoods, places to eat, shopping and more. Check out what Lansing's West...