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Top Five Spring Photo Spots In and Around Lansing

Spring has sprung. The flowers are blooming, greenery is appearing and it is the perfect time for photos! Whether you are looking for maternity, family, or individual shots we have rounded up some our...

Guide to Lansing Area Mother’s Day Brunch and More

Mother's Day is upon us and if you're anything like us you probably have cooked your fair share of meals this past year. So Mama it's time to treat yourself. We've rounded up a...

Lansing Mom’s Local Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is this weekend, that's right, THIS WEEKEND! We kind of feel like that snuck up on us, probably because we were busy doing all the Mom things. If you are in need...

2021 Neighborhood Egg Hunt In and Around Lansing

Didn't make it to an egg hunt this year? No worries! The coloring page neighborhood egg hunt is still a fun way to celebrate in your community. The 2021 neighborhood egg hunt is social...

Indoor Forts For Everyone

One day mid-pandemic, I got real sick of my kids taking my couch apart to build forts. It’s fun the first day, right? It’s perfect for a rainy day. It’s not perfect for day...

Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs In + Around Lansing

The hottest treat this year is by far hot cocoa bombs! The weather is chilly and they are perfect for warming up with on those winter days. While they make any day a little...

Sledding Hills In + Around Lansing

The snow has been falling and we are ready for wintery outdoor fun! Whether you have set a goal to meet hours outside or are having serious cabin fever, there is nothing more fun...

The 2020 Lansing Mom’s Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us which means it is time to begin holiday shopping! This year, more than ever, we want to support our local businesses so that they can continue to be...

Lansing Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Lansing and Beyond

Halloween is almost upon us and there is plenty of spooky fun to be had! Whether you are looking for socially distanced events, virtual activities, or just trick-or-treat times, we've got you covered with...

Lansing Moms Guide to School Resources in 2020: Homeschool, Virtual, Hybrid and Beyond

2020 has brought on a whole new set of challenges that we never could have dreamed of. At Lansing Mom we are here to support you, which is why we have created this guide...