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Jessica Walter

I am a working mom who left the education world after 7 years to pursue my business career. I work as a product developer at a local insurance company and love it. My husband and sons are my world. We struggled for 3 years with fertility prior to adopting our first son. Later, we really wanted him to have a sibling so pursued IVF using donor embryos (because we firmly believe love makes a family) and were then blessed with our second son. When I’m not working or playing the wife/mom role, I love to run, read, bake, write, and tinker with photography. We all have a story to share and I hope some of my experiences will help others.

Prioritizing Family Time

It's 9:30 pm, and you finally have a minute to sit on the couch and reflect on the day's chaos. Everything you did displays like a fast-forward reel of a million events. The morning...

Happy Star Wars Day! The Force is Strong with this Mama

Like many of you, I married a man who idolizes all things Star Wars. It wasn’t something I knew about him right away. I mean, he couldn’t scare me that soon. There was a...

An Open Letter to the Mama in Waiting

Dear Mama in Waiting, Yes, I am calling you a Mama, and you know what? You deserve that, you deserve to have that title- that name. There are so many things I want to say...

How to Handle Transitioning Your Family from One Kid to Two

I'll never forget the moment we knew we wanted to have another child. We were snuggling our four month old and talked about how much we loved him and really wanted him to have...

How Do You Know if You Are Done Having Kids

I remember cracking up at my last OB appointment before the birth of my second son. The doctor was asking me if I thought about what kind of birth control I was going to...

Ways to Protect your Mental Health During the Winter Months

You are making dinner and look out your window to see the first fresh sheet of snow cover your yard. A sense of happy peace overcomes you. It is mid November and there is...

Five Things Not to Say to Adoptive Parents

When you are an adoptive parent, nothing prepares you for the cringeworthy things people say. Keep in mind, everyone is well-intended, but that doesn't mean words don't leave us feeling a certain way. My...

What to do when Your Toddler Hits

I remember playing at the park and felt so bad when I saw a toddler having all kinds of big feelings which turned into a giant slap to his mom's face. My son was...

U-Pick Apple Orchards In + Around Lansing

Many get sad this time of year. Summer is dwindling and our days of sun kissed skin will soon be done for the time being. I am not one of those people. The minute...

Food Trucks In + Around Lansing

I'll never forget my work bestie asking me if I wanted to join her for lunch. We do this Thursday thing where we eat at a new place each time we venture out. On...