5 Educational Documentaries to Watch on Disney+


In search of a substitute homeschool teacher? In need of something to watch that you and your kids can agree on? Or maybe you think your kids have had too much screen time during the lockdown (maybe you have too, hello Tiger King.) I’m not judging, I’m with you. It’s a weird time right now, but I have found five documentaries on Disney+ that will make you feel smarter for turning the TV on…again.

One Strange Rock 

Description: View the world through the eyes of an astronaut! See beautiful imagery and videography from space, learn unique perspectives on our universe, and enjoy the wonder of how our world is interconnected. Disney+ docuseries. TV-PG. May alarm or have scary moments for small kids. 

Why adults will like it: Will Smith hosts. Is that enough said? If not, then the images of our world are too beautiful to pass up the chance to look at. 

Why kids will like it: Real life astronauts speak about their experiences and show images and videos of them in space. Constant beautiful moving imagery captures attention. 

Science Fair

Description: Follow along as nine high school students explain their experiences as they compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair. Disney+ documentary. PG.

Why adults will like it: Teens with brilliant minds and ideas that change the world. Preventing cancers, a Kanye West rapping machine, and a new plane are just a few of them. 

Why kids will like it: Relatable (or future relatable) for kids navigating high school. Reiterates that you will find ‘your people’ even if it’s not just yet. Shows learning has many pathways. Inspires a love of science.

Marvel’s Hero Project

Description: Meet incredible kids that have a passion for problem solving that makes a difference. Marvel honors their work by turning them into superheroes. Disney+ docuseries. TV-PG.  

Why adults will like it: Inspiring children set amazing examples for your children and warm your heart with good deeds. They may even inspire you.

Why kids will like it: Relatable children making a difference becoming illustrated heroes. Empowering kids in helping find their voice in the world. Kid superheroes? Uh..cool!!! 

America’s National Parks

Description: Our National Parks are called “America’s best idea” for a reason! Learn about the environment, animals, and life cycles from eight incredible National Parks. Disney+ docuseries. TV-14. Shows predation and ingestion of animals.

Why adults will like it: Ideas and inspiration for domestic family vacation or travels. Gorgeous views of our preserved parks and interesting ‘did you know?’ moments.

Why kids will like it: Shows unique animals that are right here in America. Inspire travel within the U.S. from the incredible natural monuments and landscapes. Learn about predation, mating, babies, and other natural life cycles.

Unlikely Animal Friends

Description: Interspecies interaction and relationships shown from odd pairs of animals and their emotional bonds. Disney+ docuseries. TV-G.

Why adults will like it: Heartwarming bonds. Adorable cuddling animals. It’s informational and interesting but seriously SO CUTE!

Why kids will like it: New, unique, and interesting animals found throughout the world are introduced. Understand through these animal duos that friendships are important bonds to nurture. If a child has a difficult time making friends, this teaches them that there is someone out there that will come along.

So, next time you go to turn the TV on, try one of these! Disney+ has lots of great possibilities for educational screen time.

What are you watching on Disney+? Share some of your favorites in the comments!


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