2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here at Lansing Mom, we know your support village most likely includes a few father figures. Whether you have a special boyfriend, husband, brother, uncle, dad, granddad, or best friend in your life, Father’s Day is an important time to remind them of the important role they play in our village and thank them for being a steady presence in our children’s lives. I put together a list of easy and wonderful gift ideas dad is sure to love this Father’s Day.

For me, I’m grateful to have a husband who lets our daughter paint his nails, comforts our son when he cries, and lifts me up when I’m down. Below are a few ideas based on things that have gotten the thumbs up from my husband over the years, along with a few others that he helped me brainstorm (future gift ideas for me!!) No matter your budget, we hope this can help you find something for the men in your life this Father’s Day!

Food and Drinks

Think: what does he like to eat and drink? Is he a fan of grilling, baked goods, coffee, beer, or snacks? If so, those make perfect themes for a gift you know they will use and love.

You can put together a basket of their favorite food or drinks, or pick up a really nice cut of meat and pair it with a ‘Grillmaster’ apron. Here in the Lansing community, we have local shops like Monticello’s, Mert’s Meats, and Sutton Ranch which offer high-quality products dad is sure to love. And just down the road, we’re lucky to have Zingerman’s gift baskets and food clubs for a monthly, quarterly, or year-round gift! 

Activity Time

Maybe you have a golfer, disc golfer, soccer player, camper, or adrenaline junkie on your hands. For this gift, think gift cards to places he doesn’t get to visit often, such as a nice golf course, or places he absolutely loves to go to time and again. 

Also, is there a way to tie the kids into this? They, after all, are the reason he gets to celebrate Father’s Day! We’ve done putt-putt, camping at a Michigan State Park and in our own backyard, and baseball games for Father’s Day. Either way, sometimes the best gifts are memories made together. 

We’re also lucky enough to have places like Zap Zone, Defy, Launch, High Caliber, and more in the Lansing area for family fun! You could even look a little further out and book something for just you and him like sky diving (indoor or outdoor), a hot air balloon ride, a discovery flight, or a scuba diving tour. 


We typically associate things like flowers and massages with Mother’s Day gifts. Whether he admits it or not, most men like those things too. The gift of he-time will be much appreciated, especially after the last few years. I can guarantee you, he likely has only received a massage, flowers, or close fade or shave at the barbershop as a gift a handful of times.

Treat. Him. Not only is this a well-deserved reward for all of the baby-wearing and toddler-shoulder rides he gives, but this is an awesome example to set for your kiddos. Women aren’t the only ones who deserve time for self-care and a little pampering. It’s 2022. We all could use a little less machismo and a lot more emotional/vulnerable/gender-neutral/insert-your-own-adjective-here equality in our lives.

Everyday Use

If you’re looking for something to wrap up with a bow, there are plenty of gifts ideas out there. Here are some my husband has received over the years that he rates high on his favorites list:

  1. Indoor/outdoor blanket
  2. Mug (electric or handmade – more on that next)
  3. Framed family photo for his desk
  4. Car detailing appointment or gift certificate 
  5. Personalized tie
  6. Electronics of pretty much all kinds (AirPods, portable Bluetooth speaker, rechargeable flashlight)
  7. Camera (Polaroid and GoPros are dad favorites)
  8. Concert tickets
  9. GroupOn experiences
  10. A toy for the ‘kids’ that they really want for themselves (Nerf guns, Hot Wheels track, Legos, kites, etc.)

Handmade from the Heart

Finally, I firmly believe you can simply never go wrong with a homemade gift. Get out some paint, markers, paper, canvas, blank mug, you name it – and let the kids go wild. Here are some favorites from our past:

  • Your little’s handprint on a mug the first year he celebrated Father’s Day.
  • A card with the first time they wrote their name on their own.
  • A free bird feeder (thanks Home Depot) that they built, painted, and hung together in the backyard.
  • A personal favorite of mine: a penny from the year they became a dad/grandpa. It’s surprisingly simple to drill a small hole in a penny and put it on a keychain. Or you can find a small frame to put it in instead.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on the men in your life this Father’s Day. Focus instead on the things they love and what they need or will enjoy the most. Maybe this year they need some time to themselves. Maybe the kids are old enough now for some family fun together. Or maybe it’s a mix of both. 

No matter what you give, remind them of how important of an influence they have in raising your littles, and just how much you appreciate them for it.


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