10 Protein Packed Snacks for After School

As Moms we know the after school h-anger can be real! After a full day of learning and playing, getting our kids a protein packed snack is our best way to beat that hunger until we get to dinner time. We’ve rounded up our tried and true snacks, that our kids love, with recipes from Michigan Beef Industry Commission and our own recipe books. If you’re feeling stuck on snacks and needing some inspiration we’ve got you covered! Check out our 10 protein packed snacks below.

As always Lansing Mom strives to bring you the best resources for your motherhood journey. We are so grateful to Michigan Beef Industry Commission for their partnership on these protein packed snacks! 

10 Protein Packed Snacks for After School

  • Beef Jerky Trail Mix | We’re obsessing over this Beef Jerky Trail Mix. It’s a quick on the go snack that you can easily be bring to school for hungry kids at pick-ups. They can also devour it on car rides home! Loaded with beef jerky, cranberries, almonds, and sunflower seeds this one is powered with protein! Check out the full recipe here!
  • Personal Beef Pizza | I don’t know about you but my kids LOVE a personal pizza. These ones are super easy to make and filling. You’ll need four round sandwich breads, mozzarella, Italian-Style Beef Sausage, and pizza sauce. You can also throw on any other toppings you like! Bonus is that you’ll likely have left overs, if just the kids are snacking. Which means you could make this one multiple times during the week. Head here for the full recipe!
  • Walking Tacos | If you’re hosting a play date, walking tacos are always a hit. They help keep the kids from endless snacking, because it’s a snack in itself! You’ll need beef, taco seasoning, snack sized Fritos, and Mexican Cheese. And of course any other toppings you like, like sour cream, lettuce, tomato, salsa! Making Walking Tacos is super easy. Cook your ground beef with your taco seasoning, open your snack Frito bags, pile the beef in. Then add any toppings you like, and then eat with a fork right out of the bag!
  • Beef Jerky Granola Bars | If you need another on the go snack, these beef jerky granola bars are the perfect addition to your snacking line-up. This recipe is also perfect for those of us with a little sweet tooth! You’ll need beef jerky, quick oats, condensed milk, almonds, cranberries, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, and honey. For the full recipe head here! 
  • Popcorn Steak Bites | My kids LOVE steak, LOVE IT, it’s definitely a top preferred meat in our house. We try to incorporate it once a week. These popcorn steak bites are the perfect way to get steak in at lunch or as an appetizer. You’ll need beef cubed steaks, potato chips, flower, pepper and eggs, to make this savory snack. For details on how to whip these up head here!
  • Chomps Stick, Grapes and Popcorn | Another easy snack for the pick-up line and our favorite on the go is a Chomps Stick, Grapes and Popcorn! Super easy and a good combination of flavors for your little ones! Did you know that Chomps Sticks also come in minis, that are perfect for your kids.
  • Beefy PB & J Wraps | Want to pack a little more protein into your PB&J? These wraps are for you! The PB & J come together in an Asian Style Sauce that takes this wrap to the next level. You’ll need beef, peanut butter, grape jelly, soy sauce, peanuts, red pepper, green onion, and tortillas. You can always leave out the peppers and onion if your kids aren’t into it! To make this beefy twist on the traditional PB & J head here.
  • Roast Beef Sandwich Meat, Cheese and Apple Skewer | This snack can be prepped for the whole week ahead, which we love. It’s perfect for a quick snack that’s charcuterie style but simpler! You’ll need roast beef sandwich meat, cubed cheese of choice, apples of choice, and skewers. Slice the roast beef, cheese and apples to make them fit your skewer. Layer them up, roast beef, cheese, apple, and repeat until you hit the end of your stick! The perfect fun bite size snack.
  • Beef Bone Broth and Noodles | With cold days still upon us nothing can beat a warm bone broth and noodles. We personally love Kettle & Fire Beef Bone Broth, because it has 10 grams of protein per serving, filling us and our littles up with strength! We love using Millet & Brown’s Rice Ramen Noodles to add into the warmed up bone broth for the perfect after school comfort food!
  • Beef and Cheese Tortilla Towers | What do kids love more than an after school snack? An after school snack that’s shape is like a tower! These Beef and Cheese Tortilla Towers, with a side of fruit salsa, are the perfect sweet and savory after school combo. You’ll need beef, salsa, black beans, cumin, tortillas, Mexican Cheese-Blend, cantaloupe, mangos, and crushed red pepper. For the full recipe head here! 

The days will be warmer soon, check out these Grilling Basics For Moms with a recipe for Zesty BBQ Cheeseburgers!


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